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39 TV Moments That Were So Bad, People Actually Gave Up On The Show Entirely

"In Grey's Anatomy, Izzie’s a doctor and she’s not supposed to think it’s alarming that she’s having sex with a ghost!"

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV moment caused them to stop watching the show. Here are some of our favorites:

🚨Warning: Some major spoilers ahead!🚨

1. On Grey's Anatomy, when Izzie had sex with Denny's ghost.


"The ghost-sex storyline in Season 5 was just too much! Izzie’s a doctor and she’s not supposed to think it’s alarming that she’s having sex with a ghost!"


2. When Betty did a sexy dance at a bar on Riverdale.

The CW

"When Betty did the 'serpent dance,' which basically meant a 16-year-old stripped to a cringeworthy cover of 'Mad World' in a room full of middle-aged men and her mom. I couldn't watch anymore."


3. When Luke and Lorelai broke up and she immediately went and slept with Christopher on Gilmore Girls.

Warner Bros.

"I'll never be over Lorelai getting angry at Luke and immediately running to Christopher. And on top of that, she went and married Chris later on! I still haven't watched the entire last season of Gilmore Girls because of it."


4. When Lexa was killed on The 100.

The CW

"Clarke and Lexa's relationship was the first time I felt represented on TV. Lexa was important to the LGBTQ community, and her death was written in a terrible way. Her death still hurts me to this day, and I can truthfully say that I haven't watched an episode since Season 3, Episode 7."


5. When Joey accidentally proposed to Rachel on Friends.


"The whole thing was so stupid to begin with, and I was already sick of the Rachel-Joey thing. I stopped watching until the last few episodes of the final season. I never went back and watched the episodes in between."


6. When Marissa was killed on The O.C.


"I watched the following episode of her funeral, and after that I just couldn't continue. It wasn't the same!"


7. When Charlie was trapped underwater on Lost.


"I was so upset after watching Charlie drown on Lost that I quit watching. And it was all for nothing because it wasn’t even Penny’s boat!"


8. When Elena was put into a coma on The Vampire Diaries so Bonnie could live.

The CW

"The whole series was about her experience in Mystic Falls, so I don't think the show worked once she left. I stopped watching and never looked back."


9. When Michael died unexpectedly on Jane the Virgin.

The CW

"My favorite part of the show was always Jane and Michael’s relationship. When he died, I was shocked! I kept watching until Jane and Rafael got back together. It made it seem like they only killed off Michael to get those two together. Michael deserved better."


10. When Michael left on The Office.


"I couldn't bring myself to watch the show after Michael left. Even when I rewatch it now, I still stop after he leaves with Holly."


11. When Kara and Mon-El got together on Supergirl.

The CW

"The moment they pushed Kara and Mon-El together in Season 2, I was done with the show. Their relationship made Kara seem weak and that she needed a man to help her. I couldn't watch Supergirl portrayed that way."


12. When we learned how Jack died on This Is Us.


"For me, the show just lost its mojo after that."


13. When Carl died on The Walking Dead.


"In the comics, Carl is such an important character and an obvious nod to a better future, so his death made no sense. I can let deviations from source material slide, but this just completely ruined the entire idea of the show for me. They killed him off in a dumb way, and I had to stop watching."


14. When the original students graduated on Glee.


"Once the original cast graduated and the show split the storylines between New York and Ohio, I was done. It felt like they were recycling the same storylines. I stopped watching after that."


15. After all the characters got a happy ending in Season 6 of Once Upon a Time.


"I was a fan since the show debuted, but I stopped watching after Season 6. The last episode was beautiful, and it felt like the perfect ending. Season 7 basically restarted the entire show, but without my favorite characters, so no thank you!"


16. When Poussey was killed on Orange Is the New Black.


"She was the only character I truly cared about, and I was genuinely shocked when she died. I couldn’t bring myself to continue the series."


17. On Scandal, when Olivia was kidnapped and then Fitz went to war in order to get her back.


"It was so ridiculous that POTUS would wage war to save his mistress. I didn’t think the show could ever redeem itself, so I stopped watching."


18. The Red Wedding on Game of Thrones.


"I took all of the deaths in this episode so hard. I stopped watching for several seasons, and only now have I considered picking it back up."


19. When Jim and Pam got together on The Office.


"I thought they were so cute before getting together and I was rooting for them, but once it happened, I just couldn’t watch the show anymore because it got boring."


20. When Liam almost overdosed on cocaine after getting into Fiona's stash on Shameless.


"Fiona stopped being a sympathetic character to me after that. While she was dealing with a lot, she still should've been keeping an eye on Liam. I loved the show but couldn't watch it after that."


21. When Dean could talk to dogs on Supernatural.

The CW

"Once Dean could talk to dogs, that was it. I didn't even finish the episode and haven't looked back since."


22. When Luke had a daughter on Gilmore Girls.

Warner Bros.

"I thought April's arrival was completely unnecessary and was just for drama. Plus, I knew it was going to break up Luke and Lorelai, which, again, was completely unnecessary. I stopped watching the show shortly after."


23. When Archie formed the Red Circle on Riverdale.

The CW

"From the moment Archie recorded a video with all his shirtless friends, I was done. I lost all interest in the show after that because I thought it was getting ridiculous."


24. On Pretty Little Liars, when it was revealed that CeCe was actually Charles.


"When CeCe was revealed to be Charles, Alison's brother, it made no sense, was insanely offensive, and totally ruined the stakes for the rest of the show. That reveal alone created so many plot holes. I stopped watching."


25. When Cristina left on Grey's Anatomy.


"I stopped watching after Cristina left because I felt like she completed Meredith's character. With her gone, the show just didn't feel the same."


26. On Dexter, when Dexter found Rita dead in the bathtub.


"When Dexter found her body lifeless in the tub full of blood, it just haunted me! I had nightmares for weeks! I could never finish the show after that."


27. When Matthew and Sybil died on the same season of Downton Abbey.


"The fact that they killed Sybil and Matthew in the same season was something I could never get over. Once they killed Matthew in the last 30 seconds of a season finale, it was the final straw for me."


28. When Leslie and Ben started dating on Parks and Recreation.


"Once Leslie got together with Ben, I was done because I knew it was going to go downhill from there."


29. When the doctors were involved in a plane crash on Grey's Anatomy.


"Mark's and Lexie's deaths really got to me. Also, it was hard to take the show seriously when something horrific happened to the same group of people day after day. I stopped watching."


30. When Liza and Charles got together on Younger.


"When Liza and Charles kissed for the first time and Josh saw them, it broke my heart. I couldn’t get myself to watch anymore because I loved Josh and Liza together."


31. When Opie was killed on Sons of Anarchy.


"For me, Opie dying sent Jax down a path he never came back from. I was just done because he was one of my favorite characters."


32. On How to Get Away With Murder, when Wes was revealed as the body.


"Wes was the heart of the show, so I just couldn't get over the fact that they killed him."


33. When Derek was killed on Grey's Anatomy.


"I haven't watched the show since Derek's death. There have been a lot of deaths on Grey's Anatomy, but I couldn't bounce back from this one. Derek meant so much to the show and Meredith, it just seemed wrong continuing without him."


34. When Barney and Robin split up on How I Met Your Mother.


"I know they split up for good in the last episode, but I have never been able to rewatch the show because of it. The entire last season centered on Barney and Robin's wedding, and it was all for nothing. I hated it."


35. When Dan and Blair got together on Gossip Girl.

The CW

"Dan and Blair getting together made no sense whatsoever. To this day, I have not watched the end of Season 5 or the final season because of this."


36. When Lucas and Peyton left on One Tree Hill.

The CW

"When Lucas and Peyton left Tree Hill at the end of Season 6, I was done with the show. I wasn't even a big fan of Lucas and Peyton together, but they were so important to the show overall. I was done once they left."


37. When Tyler was assaulted in a school bathroom in Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why.


"I know Season 3 hasn't even started yet, but I don’t plan on continuing 13 Reasons Why. The graphic, brutal assault of Tyler in the Season 2 finale was so unnecessary. I don’t think the creators learned their lesson about giving proper trigger warnings."


38. When Grey's Anatomy did a musical episode.


"I was already kinda over the show, and the musical episode sealed its fate. Callie singing over her lifeless body was a lot."


39. When The Walking Dead killed off Glenn.


"I know it happens in the comics, but Glenn was the heart of the show, and losing him was a big mistake. I almost quit earlier in the show when they made it look like he was dead for several episodes, but I stuck it out. I was so happy when they brought him back, only to have my heart ripped out half a season later. I never watched another episode."


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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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