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Which TV Moment Made You Stop Watching A Show?

TBH Pretty Little Liars fake-revealed "A" too many times for me.

If you're a TV fan like me, chances are you watch more TV than you'd like to admit.

But, has there ever been a moment in a show that actually caused you to stop watching?

Maybe you were a die-hard Friends fan, but after Ross and Rachel broke up YET AGAIN, you just gave up entirely.

Perhaps you stopped watching Dexter after Deb decided she had romantic feelings for Dexter, her brother.

Or maybe you loved Scandal, but after Fitz decided to declare war in order to save Olivia, you decided you had enough.

Maybe you gave up on a show because your favorite character died — like when Glenn died on The Walking Dead or Lexie on Grey's Anatomy.

Heck, perhaps a show continued for way too long, so you decided to just stop watching at a moment that felt like a series finale — like I did with the Season 5 finale of Supernatural.

So, tell us which moment caused you to stop watching a TV show and WHY via the DropBox below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!