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    13 Actors Who Left Their TV Shows But Eventually Returned And 13 Who Never Did An Episode Again

    Christopher Meloni returned to the Law and Order universe, but Emmy Rossum never came back to Shameless.

    Warning: There are some massive spoilers ahead!

    1. First, Kate Walsh recently returned to Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Addison Montgomery for the first time after last appearing in Season 8.

    Addison telling the new interns, "And you must be the group that's been screwing up the program"

    2. But Sandra Oh has stated numerous times she has no intention to return to Grey's Anatomy after leaving in Season 10.

    Cristina telling Meredith, "He's very dreamy. But he is not the sun. You are"

    3. After leaving The Office in 2011, Steve Carell did return for the series finale in 2013.

    Dwight saying, "Michael, I can't believe you came" and Michael responding with, "That's what she said"

    4. Meanwhile, Donald Glover exited Community in 2014 and didn't appear when the series wrapped in 2015.

    Abed telling Troy he used pigeon DNA to clone him so he'll have to come back and the duo then hug

    5. Christopher Meloni abruptly exited Law & Order: SVU at the end of Season 12, and has recently returned as Elliot Stabler in both SVU and his new spinoff series, Law & Order: Organized Crime.

    Elliot and Liv spotting each other at a crime scene

    6. But Emmy Rossum, who starred in nine seasons of Shameless as Fiona Gallagher, never made an appearance before the show ended in 2021.

    Fiona asking Lip to take care of everyone when she leaves

    7. Alycia Debnam-Carey's Lexa was notably killed off during The 100 Season 3; however, she returned for two episodes afterward, including the series finale.

    Clarke and Lexa reuniting

    8. Meanwhile, Ricky Whittle's Lincoln also died in The 100 Season 3, and he never returned to the show for even an episode.

    Octavia crying and Lincoln saying, "May we meet again" before dying

    9. America Ferrera exited Superstore after Season 5, but she came back during the series finale in order to truly wrap up Amy's storyline.

    Amy telling Jonah that she screwed everything up and will wait for him, then they kiss

    10. But Tim Rozon, who played Mutt on Schitt's Creek, left the show in Season 4 and did not return for the series finale in 2020.

    Alexis telling Mutt how she's changed since they dated

    11. Chad Michael Murray departed One Tree Hill after the Season 6 finale, but he reappeared for two episodes during Season 9.

    Haley and Lucas hugging in an airport

    12. Meanwhile, after Hilarie Burton left One Tree Hill alongside Chad in Season 6, Peyton was never seen onscreen again.

    Lucas and Peyton kissing in a car and Peyton calling herself "Peyton Scott"

    13. After leaving The Walking Dead in 2018, Lauren Cohan returned to the show as Maggie Greene-Rhee, and she is now starring in the final season.

    Hershel saying, "Hey, mom" and Maggie smiling

    14. But Meghan Markle departed Suits in 2018 alongside Patrick J. Adams, and even though he returned for the final season, she did not.

    Rachel telling Mike she can't wait to start their adventure together during their wedding vows

    15. Paget Brewster left Criminal Minds after Season 7, but returned as a guest star in two seasons and was even a series regular again for the final four seasons.

    Emily hugging Spencer and JJ and saying she came back to help out after Hotch left

    16. However, Mandy Patinkin, who starred as Jason Gideon in Criminal Minds, never came back to the show after he left in 2007.

    Spencer reading a letter from Gideon that details Gideon wanting to find what he believes in again

    17. Emily Bett Rickards, who starred as Felicity Smoak on Arrow, left after Season 7, but she did come back during the series finale in 2020.

    Felicity saying she thought the afterlife would look different and Oliver saying it's his mom's office because that's when he first saw her

    18. But Arden Cho, who starred on Teen Wolf for 44 episodes, left the series in 2016 and didn't return when it wrapped in 2017.

    Kira telling Scott, "I made a deal with them. I need to. And it's not for my parents. It's not for you. It's for me"

    19. Milo Ventimiglia exited Gilmore Girls as a series regular in 2003, but returned to play Jess in several episodes after, and he even appeared in the Netflix revival.

    Jesse telling Rory "I love you" and then Jess looking at Rory during the Netflix revival

    20. Meanwhile, Adam Brody played the beloved Dave Rygalski on Gilmore Girls during Season 3, and after he left, he didn't return for the rest of the show's run.

    Dave telling Mrs. Kim he wants to take Lane to the prom and Lane smiling

    21. Alfred Enoch's Wes Gibbins was shockingly killed off during How to Get Away With Murder Season 4, but he returned for two episodes afterward, including the series finale.

    Christopher saying, "This is Criminal Law 100, or as my mentor liked to call it how to get away with murder"

    22. But Jason Ralph's out-of-the-blue departure from The Magicians during the Season 4 finale marked the last time he was seen on the series.

    The Magicians cast singing Take On Me and Quentin crying

    23. Nina Dobrev left The Vampire Diaries after starring as Elena Gilbert in six seasons. Then, she returned for the series finale in 2017.

    Damon and Elena reuniting and kissing during the series finale

    24. But Seth Green, who starred as Oz on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, left the series in 2000, and never appeared again.

    Oz leaning into Tara and saying, "I tried to warn you" as Willow watches

    25. Jennifer Morrison decided to leave Once Upon a Time after Season 6; however, she returned for the series finale in Season 7.

    Emma apologizing for being late to Regina's coronation and saying she wasn't going to miss it

    26. And finally, Matt McGorry starred in 25 episodes of Orange Is the New Black before he left during Season 3 and never returned.

    Bennett crying in his truck and leaving a crib on the side of the road

    We can't fit everyone into one post, so tell us which other actors departed a show and returned OR left a show and never came back in the comments below!