21 TV Moments From This Week That We Can't Stop Talking About

    Addison Montgomery walking the halls of Grey-Sloan again is the best thing to happen.

    🚨Obviously, there are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

    The Best TV Moments This Week

    1. First, Ted Lasso wrapped Season 2 with AFC Richmond getting back in the Premier League, and after yelling at Ted, Nate decided to leave to join Rupert's new team.

    Nate telling Ted he felt like he was invisible to him and the yellow "Believe" sign being ripped in half

    2. And on Ted Lasso, Keeley and Roy decided to spend some time apart after Keeley got a brand-new job and Roy wanted to take a vacation.

    Keeley telling Roy she loves him and it's just six weeks that they'll be apart

    3. On Only Murders in the Building, the episode ended on a massive cliffhanger that seemingly points to Jan being the murderer who Mabel, Charles, and Oliver have been searching for.

    Mabel saying, "Oliver, why is there a bassoon cleaner in Ted's sex toy box" right before we see Charles' nose bleeding at Jan's recital

    4. On Chicago P.D., Tracy Spiridakos gave a career-defining performance this week as Hailey continued to deal with hiding Roy's death.

    Upton having a panic attack, sobbing, and telling Jay everything is her fault and that she "killed him"

    5. On Grey's Anatomy, Kate Walsh made her long-awaited return as Addison Montgomery, and it led to this beautiful moment between Addie and Meredith in the elevator where they finally got to mourn Derek together.

    Addison crying in an elevator over Derek and saying how she felt like coming back to Seattle would be like he's still alive, then Meredith invites her to meet their kids

    6. And on Grey's Anatomy, as a massive Private Practice fan, I just have to talk about the beautiful reunion between Addison and Amelia that happened this week too.

    Amelia saying, "Oh my god! I have been waiting for this moment all day" and she and Addison hug

    7. On NCIS, Mark Harmon exited the series after 19 seasons, when Gibbs decided to not return to work and instead stay in Alaska.

    Gibbs saying goodbye to Tim and telling him he was the best person to watch his back for 18 years

    8. On the Roswell, New Mexico Season 3 finale, we met a woman named Allie who knows Liz, and she is played by Shiri Appleby, aka Liz from the original Roswell.

    Allie saying, "Liz Ortecho was a student of mine. How the hell do you know who Liz Ortecho is?"

    9. On 9-1-1, Chimney tried to come to terms with Maddie suddenly leaving, and after fighting with Buck, Chim took off to search for Maddie himself.

    Chim sobbing to Buck and asking why he didn't tell him he knew Maddie was leaving

    10. The Baby-Sitters Club Season 2 started streaming on Netflix. This new season continued to follow our favorite babysitters as they grow their club and continue to navigate being teenagers.

    The cast of the Baby-Sitters Club in Season 2

    11. And on The Baby-Sitters Club, the series delivered a truly heartbreaking episode when Claudia dealt with Mimi's sudden death.

    Claudia crying to Mary Anne and saying, "My grief feels like my chest is going to explode"

    12. On Chicago Fire, Casey visited Griffin and Ben Darden, and after returning home, he seemingly made the massive decision to leave Chicago and go take care of them in Oregon.

    Herrmann telling Casey, "It breaks my heart to hear you say that, because I know it means you're leaving 51"

    13. On The Morning Show, Bradley and Laura's relationship continued, and it led to Bradley starting to think about how she defines her sexuality.

    Laura telling Bradley that she paved the way for people like Bradley to be out and proud, and Bradley should embrace it

    14. On the Evil Season 2 finale, Kristen finally told David that she killed Orson, and this heartbreaking confession led to David and Kristen finally sharing a kiss.

    Kristen confessing that she killed Orson, David comforting her, and then the two of them kissing

    15. Batwoman returned with Season 3, and the season kicked off with Ryan deciding she doesn't want to know about her birth mother, but we find out she's Jada Jett, a wealthy business woman.

    Ryan telling Sophie she doesn't want to know about her mom, meanwhile Jada finds out someone has been looking into her

    16. And on Batwoman, Renee Montoya made her debut this week, and she literally sprung Alice from prison so she could help Ryan track down all of Batman's villain trophies that went missing last season.

    Renee telling Ryan she has to work with Alice or else she'll shut down her vigilante operation and she knows her true identity

    17. On Station 19, after helping a young boy, Maya told Carina that she's still not ready to have children right now, but she's working on wanting to.

    Maya telling Carina, "I want to want what you want. I don't yet, but I want to. Maybe that's enough for now"

    18. On Supergirl, Alex and Kelly adorably brought Esme home for the first time, and they started to become the most adorable family ever, I am not even exaggerating.

    Alex and Kelly telling Esme they are superheroes, so she doesn't have to worry about hurting them or leaving

    19. Nancy Drew returned with Season 3, and the season started with George and Nick officially getting engaged, and I just really love them so much.

    Nick telling George, "No matter what tries to get in our way, I am never saying goodbye to you. In this life or the next"

    20. Dopesick premiered on Hulu this week. Starring Michael Keaton, the new series revolves around the opioid epidemic that many Americans deal with. The show follows everyone from the drug company that started it all, to small-town people who are affected by it.

    Michael Keaton and Rosario Dawson in Dopesick

    21. And finally, Legends of Tomorrow returned with Season 7, and with the Legends still stuck in 1925 after the Waverider exploded, they ran into a lot of trouble, but the episode concluded with Gideon — as a human — appearing.

    Astra and Spooner seeing a naked Gideon

    We can't fit everything into one post, so what were your favorite TV moments this week? Tell us in the comments below!