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    29 "The Crown" Side-By-Sides That Show These Season 6, Part 1 Moments Vs. Real Life

    The letter Prince Harry wrote that was addressed to "Mummy" and sat on Princess Diana's coffin during her funeral in The Crown actually happened in real life, too.

    1. First, here's Princess Diana, Prince William, and Prince Harry vacationing in Saint-Tropez in the summer of 1997:

    Side-by-sides of Diana and her kids on vacation

    2. Princess Diana and Prince Harry in the summer of 1997:

    Side-by-sides of Princess Diana with her arms around Prince Harry

    3. Here's Princess Diana vacationing with Dodi Fayed, Prince William, and Prince Harry:

    Princess Diana vacationing

    4. Here's Princess Diana on vacation in Saint-Tropez wearing a leopard-printed bathing suit:

    Side-by-sides of Princess Diana on a boat while on vacation

    5. An overview of Mohamed Al-Fayed and Dodi's house in Saint-Tropez, where Princess Diana vacationed in the summer of 1997:

    Side-by-sides of Mohamed Al-Fayed's house

    6. Here's preparations for Camilla Parker Bowles's 50th birthday party at Highgrove House:

    Side-by-sides of Highgrove House

    7. Camilla Parker Bowles arriving for her 50th birthday celebration at Highgrove House in 1997:

    Side-by-sides of Camilla Parker Bowles

    8. Here's Princess Diana visiting Bosnia in August 1997, as part of her campaign to raise awareness about the devastating effects of landmines in the area:

    Side-by-sides of Princess Diana's humanitarian work

    9. And, here's another photo of Princess Diana in Angola raising awareness for landmines as well.

    Side-by-sides of Princess Diana's humanitarian work

    10. Princess Diana walking through a minefield that was being cleared by the charity Halo in Huambo in Angola in 1997:

    Side-by-sides of Princess Diana walking in a minefield

    11. Here's the famous photo of Diana and Dodi kissing on the front page of the Sunday Mirror:

    Side-by-sides of the Sunday Mirror

    12. Here's Prince William, Prince Charles, and Prince Harry posing for photos in Balmoral in 1997:

    Side-by-sides of Prince William, Prince Charles, and Prince Harry

    13. And here they all are with their dog Widgeon while they throw stones during the same photoshoot:

    Side-by-side shots from the photoshoot

    14. Princess Diana sitting on the edge of a yacht in 1997, shortly after photos of her and Dodi kissing were published as well as her attending Gianni Versace's funeral:

    Side-by-sides of Princess Diana on a yacht

    15. Surveillance footage that was eventually released of Dodi going to buy a reported engagement ring for Princess Diana hours before their deaths:

    Side-by-sides of surveillance of Dodi purchasing a ring

    16. Here's the main entrance at the Ritz in Paris, where Princess Diana and Dodi stayed before their deaths in 1997:

    Side-by-side images of the Ritz

    17. Trevor Rees-Jones, Henri Paul, Princess Diana, and Dodi Fayed shortly before the fatal car crash on Aug. 31, 1997 where Diana, Dodi, and Henri died:

    Side-by-sides of Princess Diana and others in the car

    18. While The Crown does not show inside the tunnel in Paris where Princess Diana and Dodi crashed, here's what paparazzi captured that evening:

    Side-by-sides of what is shown of the crash in real life vs. the show

    19. Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry attending church near the Balmoral Estate the morning after Princess Diana's death:

    Side-by-sides of the princess at Balmoral

    20. Here's Prince Charles arriving at Paris's Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital where Princess Diana died:

    Side-by-sides of Prince Charles arriving at the hospital

    21. And here he was being photographed entering the hospital in Paris:

    Side-by-sides of Prince Charles entering the hospital

    22. The coffin of Princess Diana arriving at RAF Northolt, the Royal Air Force station in West London:

    Side-by-sides of the plane carrying Diana's coffin

    23. And here's the coffin of Princess Diana being carried from the airplane to a car, draped in a Royal Standard Flag, which represents the Sovereign and the UK:

    Side-by-sides of Diana's coffin being carried

    24. Flowers and other gifts that were placed outside the gates of Buckingham Palace following Princess Diana's death:

    Flowers outside Buckingham Palace

    25. Queen Elizabeth II's live broadcast expressing her sadness for Princess Diana's death in 1997:

    Side-by-sides of Queen Elizabeth expressing condolences for Diana

    26. Here's the memorial that was set up in Harrods in the UK in honor of Princess Diana and Dodi:

    Side-by-sides of memorials for Diana and Dodi

    27. The letter Prince Harry and Prince William wrote for their mother Princess Diana on top of her coffin during her funeral on Sept. 6, 1997:

    Side-by-sides of Princess Diana's coffin

    28. Prince Philip, Prince William, Charles Spencer, Prince Charles, and Prince Harry walking behind the funeral procession for Princess Diana:

    Side-by-sides of Diana's family at her funeral

    29. And finally, here's another look at the funeral procession toward Westminster Abbey for Princess Diana's funeral service:

    Side-by-sides of Princess Diana's funeral procession

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    The Crown Season 6, Part 2, aka the final six episodes of the series, drop on Netflix on Dec. 14.