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33 Of The Most Heartbreaking TV Scenes Of 2022

Zendaya's breakdown in the hallway as Rue literally earned her an Emmy Award this year.

To celebrate 2022, we recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV scenes were the most heartbreaking this year. Here are some of the best responses:

There are MASSIVE spoilers below! And #21 mentions suicide.

1. First, on 9-1-1: Lone Star, when T.K.'s mom, Gwyn, shockingly died after being struck by someone riding a bike.

TK on the phone saying his mom has died

2. On Grey's Anatomy, when Zola started crying during a school presentation because she thought Meredith and Maggie were going to die from Alzheimer's just like Ellis.

Zola onstage saying that Alzheimer's is genetic and her mom and her aunt are going to get it and "they're gonna die" over and over and she'll "have no one," until Meredith comes onstage and tells her "It's OK"

3. On 1883, when Elsa was shot with an arrow, said goodbye to her mom, and ultimately died in her father's arms underneath a tree.

Elsa's mom says she loves them both with all her heart, Elsa says she'll see her "in the valley," and then she sits under the tree with her dad

4. On The Summer I Turned Pretty, when Belly, Jeremiah, and Steven learned that Susannah's cancer had returned and that Conrad had known all summer.

Characters crying that Susannah won't get better

5. On Derry Girls, when Clare's father unexpectedly died and everyone hugged Clare at the hospital.

Clare reacting to being told that her dad has died

6. On Wednesday, when Wednesday found Thing after he was stabbed, and she rushed to Uncle Fester, who barely saved him.

Wednesday saying to Uncle Fester that Thing is not dead, and "if you can hear me, if you die, I will kill you"

7. On Young Royals, when Simon learned that his own sister was the one who tipped August off that he was going to the police about the sex tape, and Wille tried to console him.

Sara telling Simon that she told August because she thought he'd turn himself in and she was in love with him

8. On Euphoria, when Rue started screaming at her mom after she realized her stash of drugs was gone.

Rue crying to her mom and telling her she wants to get clean but she can't do it

9. On Yellowjackets, when Shauna and Jackie had a huge fight and Jackie left the cabin, only for her to freeze to death by the time Shauna went and found her in the morning.

Shauna crying when she sees Jackie frozen in the snow

10. On Dead to Me, when Jen and Judy said goodbye without saying "goodbye" after Judy was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Judy telling Jen that she loves her and she filled the hole in her heart, and Jen saying she loves her too and she changed her life, and then they hug

11. On Moon Knight, when Marc broke down in the street following his mom's shiva, after learning everything about Steven, his brother, and more.

Marc breaking down on the street

12. On House of the Dragon, when Rhaenyra's baby died after she went into labor early following her father's death and the loss of the throne.

Rhaenyra grieving her baby and then standing with Daemon at the baby's funeral

13. And on House of the Dragon, when Lucerys was torn apart by Aemond and his dragon, Vhagar, while flying through storm clouds.

Lucerys looking back in fear at the dragon

14. On The Flight Attendant, when Cassie visited her mom, Lisa, and explained to her that she had stopped drinking, but Lisa said she still didn't like Cassie.

Lisa cups crying Cassie's face in her hands and says, "I love you, I do, but I don't like you — at all"

15. On Warrior Nun, when Beatrice had to say goodbye to Ava after she was seriously injured, and Ava disappeared before she could hear Bea say that she loved her back.

Ava tells Bea to let her go; Bea says "Be free"; Ava, holding Bea's hand against her cheek, says "I love you" and then disappears before Bea says "I love you"

16. On Andor, anytime B2EMO was onscreen after Maarva's tragic death.

Brasso says, "We're gonna take her out in a minute, if you want to say goodbye; I'll have them clear the room if you want to be alone," and B2EMO says he doesn't want to be alone, he just wants "M-M-Maarva"

17. On Doctor Who, when the Thirteenth Doctor realized she was about to regenerate but wanted more time with Yaz.

The Thirteenth Doctor being told to look at her arm, and then responding that that's not right and she needs more time

18. On Our Flag Means Death, when Ed waited for Stede to show up on the dock so they could run away together, but Stede never arrived.

Ed waiting on the dock alone

19. On Manifest, when Zeke sacrificed himself by absorbing Cal's cancer in order to save him.

Zeke telling Michaela/Mick that he's not scared because of her and he was given a second chance at life

20. On Station Eleven, when Kirsten and Jeevan were reunited after years apart and after thinking that each other might've died.

Kirsten and Jeevan seeing each other and embracing

21. On Reservation Dogs, when Daniel, who had died by suicide before the show began, read a note he had written to himself.

From the note: "What I'm trying to say is, I wanna go to Cali with my crew"

22. On Only Murders in the Building, when we watched Bunny's final day before she was murdered, and it included the sad moment when she just wanted to hang out with Charles, Oliver, and Mabel, but they didn't get the hint.

Bunny talking to the three of them and then them closing the door on her and saying have a good day

23. On From Scratch, when Lino died as Amy sat at his bedside after his long battle with cancer.

Amy crying, saying "You waited for me," and looking into Lino's eyes as he dies

24. On The Walking Dead series finale, when Luke was bleeding out after being attacked by walkers, and Yumiko, Connie, Magna, and Kelly couldn't save him.

Luke is bleeding out and Yumiko hands Connie Luke's harmonica and says "We'll always keep the music alive"

25. On Interview With the Vampire, during the final moments of the Season 1 finale, when we saw the aftermath of Lestat's "death" and found out who Rashid really is.

Lestat saying, "I have loved you with all myself; I'm happy it was you; you're with me"

26. On Stranger Things, when Max escaped Vecna after Lucas, Dustin, and Steve started playing "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)" by Kate Bush.

Max running to the lyrics of the Kate Bush song

27. And on Stranger Things, when Eddie tragically died after saving Dustin and helping to save all of Hawkins.

Eddie smiling and saying he didn't run away this time and "You're gonna have to look out for those little sheep for me, okay?"

28. Also on Stranger Things, when Max nearly died in Lucas's arms after confronting Vecna.

Lucas asking Erica for help and then pleading with Max to stay with him

29. On The Orville: New Horizons, when Gordon begged Mercer not to erase his life, his love, and his children, but it had to happen.

Mercer saying "it's illegal and immoral to play God with history," and Gordon saying "Who's playing God?! The only one playing God here is you! Is it illegal to erase people from existence? Because I call that murder!"

30. On Better Call Saul, when Jimmy and Kim reunited during the series finale.

Kim visiting Jimmy in jail

31. On Firefly Lane, when Kate went to Tully's house after finding out that she had cancer, but Tully wasn't home.

Kate knocking on Tully's door and then sitting down outside her door and starting to cry as she gets no answer

32. On Pachinko, when Sunja's mom begged the rice merchant for some Korean-grown rice so that Sunja could have it before leaving for Japan.

Yangjin talking to the rice merchant and saying she doesn't have much to give her daughter as a dowry except a taste of her own country before she leaves home

33. And finally, on The Midnight Club, when Anya died right as the rest of the Midnight Club finished her story.

The narrative as Anya lies in bed: "Stanton lays out your options, but you stay at Brightcliffe for a few more weeks, repeating the ritual for each of us — and it works for all of us"

We know we can't fit everything into one post, so which other sad TV moments broke your heart this year? Tell us in the comments below!

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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