Your Prayers Have Been Answered, The "Outer Banks" Cast Just Read Thirst Tweets

    Madelyn Cline, Jonathan Daviss, and Madison Bailey reacting to Drew Starkey reading Rafe from Outer Banks thirst tweets might be the best thing on the internet. Period.

    Listen, it's no secret that one of our favorite groups of people is the Outer Banks cast. I mean, they are simply the best.

    So, to celebrate the return of Outer Banks for its third season, we invited Madelyn Cline, Drew Starkey, Jonathan Daviss, and Madison Bailey, aka Sarah, Rafe, Pope, and Kiara, to sit down and read some of your thirstiest tweets about them and their characters.

    We started off pretty tame, but even then, Madelyn couldn't contain her laughter:

    Drew was "honored" by all the people who are questioning why they love bad boy Rafe Cameron so much:

    Madison is all for making people question their sexualities after watching this, let's be honest, extremely hot cast run around OBX:

    Jonathan and Drew held hands to get through this thirst tweet about the two of them:

    Basically, they all couldn't stop laughing:

    And by the end, they were a tad concerned but had a great time overall:

    You can watch our full thirst tweets video with them below:

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    And be sure to watch Madelyn, Drew, JD, and Madison in Outer Banks Season 3, which is streaming now on Netflix.