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    Here Are 17 "Outer Banks" Behind-The-Scenes Secrets You Probably Didn't Know But 100% Should

    "We spent about a month together in a one-bedroom apartment."

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    🚨Warning: Huge spoilers ahead for Season 1!🚨

    If you're like us, all you've been thinking about is Netflix's Outer Banks — so we decided to Zoom with Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Rudy Pankow, and Jonathan "J.D." Daviss to have our "Burning Questions" answered!


    Here's absolutely everything we learned, including some teases about what would happen in Season 2 (which hasn't been officially confirmed just yet, but we're crossing all of our fingers and toes):

    1. The cast thinks the Pogues will reunite with John B. and Sarah pretty early in Season 2.


    "I would think two episodes in," Chase said. "The show is called Outer Banks, so they can't be in the Bahamas forever. And I do think the reunion will be a beautiful thing."

    2. And since the whole first season was about finding the treasure, they say a second season would focus on two things: getting the treasure back and getting revenge.

    3. When the show dropped on Netflix, some of the cast members were quarantining together so they could celebrate.

    4. Madelyn was actually super sick while filming the episode "Spy Games," where John B. and Sarah first bond, but she was so in character as Val that we never would have known.

    5. The love triangle involving Pope, Kiara, and J.J. was a surprise even to the actors.

    6. That being said, if a J.J.-and-Kiara relationship ever does happen, it won't be for a while.

    7. Or maybe Kiara will just get a brand-new love interest to avoid the "Pogue-on-Pogue macking" entirely.

    8. Long before OBX, Madelyn was close to getting cast in True Grit — a role that ultimately went to Hailee Steinfeld and earned her an Oscar nom.

    Charley Gallay / Getty Images, Paramount Pictures

    9. Meanwhile, Chase got very far in the audition process to play Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

    Amy Sussman / Getty Images, Disney

    10. Also, many of the cast members were almost Netflix stars in a different way: J.D. was in the running to play Jamal on On My Block, Madison auditioned for a role in Trinkets, and Rudy originally read for both Rafe and John B. in Outer Banks.


    11. Speaking of trinkets, each cast member kept little objects from the set.


    J.D. kept his rubber duck, Chase kept John B.'s shoes and bandanas, Rudy kept his lighter, Maddie kept a little keychain pouf that she found at the chateau, and Madison kept her Pogue bracelet.

    12. The cast actually improvised some of the most quotable lines, like when Pope and J.J. make fun of John B. telling Sarah to "be safe" at the Crain House…


    13. …when J.J. calls the Kooks "Powerpuff Girls" after getting into a fight at Midsummers…


    14. ...and when John B. calls Topper "sweetheart":


    15. While these five had great first impressions of one another, Chase revealed that he didn't like Austin North (who played Topper) at first — but of course, that changed real fast.

    16. Filming the MANY fight scenes in the show was one of the cast's favorite things to do because it was like learning choreography to a dance.

    17. The cast explained that their newfound fame hasn't sunk in just yet, given the circumstances, but they're so happy that fans love the show, and can't wait to film together again. (Ahem, we NEED a Season 2!)


    "It kind of doesn't feel real yet," Madison said. And J.D. added: "I think we're all just really excited to do what we did last year again with each other."

    Check out our full video with the Outer Banks cast here:

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    And be sure to watch Season 1 of Outer Banks, streaming on Netflix NOW!


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