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    15 Side-By-Sides That Show Iconic Movie Scenes Vs. The Original Script

    "Her heart is breaking, even though she is the one who broke it."

    🚨Warning: There are obviously massive spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. First, in Mean Girls, when the Plastics invited Cady to sit with them all week at lunch.

    Paramount Pictures, Tina Fey / Via

    2. When Chris sank into the Sunken Place during Missy's hypnotherapy session in Get Out.

    Universal Pictures, Jordan Peele / Via

    3. In Avengers: Endgame, when Iron Man stole the Infinity Stones from Thanos.

    Marvel, Christopher Markus / Stephen McFeely / Via

    4. When Anna used her love for Elsa to save her life in Frozen.

    Disney, Jennifer Lee / Via

    5. In The Princess Bride, when Inigo finally attacked Count Rugen and avenged his father.

    20th Century Fox, William Goldman / Via

    6. When Miranda first arrived at the Runway office in The Devil Wears Prada.

    20th Century Fox, Aline Brosh McKenna / Via

    7. In Parasite, when Ki-jung sang "Jessica, Only Child, Illinois, Chicago."

    CJ Entertainment, Bong Joon Ho / Via

    8. When Jo heartbreakingly turned down Laurie's proposal in Little Women.

    Sony Pictures, Greta Gerwig / Via

    Greta Gerwig used red in her script to differentiate between the past and present timelines.

    9. In Knives Out, when Ransom literally told everyone in his family to "eat shit."

    Lionsgate, Rian Johnson / Via

    10. When Batman interrogated the Joker in The Dark Knight.

    Warner Bros., Christopher Nolan / Via

    11. In A Star Is Born, when Jack just wanted to take another look at Ally.

    Warner Bros., Eric Rother / Bradley Cooper / Will Fetters / Via

    12. In Coco, when Miguel and Mamá Coco sang "Remember Me" together for the first time.

    Disney / Pixar, Adrian Molina / Matthew Aldrich / Via

    13. When Elio and his dad talked about his love for Oliver in Call Me By Your Name.

    Sony Pictures, James Ivory / Via

    14. When Gigi made her hilarious entrance in Booksmart.

    Annapurna Pictures, Emily Halpern / Sarah Haskins / Susanna Fogel / Katie Silberman / Via

    15. And finally, in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, when Miles officially becomes his own version of Spider-Man.

    Sony Pictures Animation, Phil Lord / Rodney Rothman / Via