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21 Facts About These Heartwarming TV Moments That Make Them Even More Extraordinary

"The only person I'd run through an airport for is you."

🚨Warning: MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

1. First, on The Office, Roy was originally going to ride into the church on a horse to object to Pam and Jim's wedding — when this storyline was scrapped, they decided to do the iconic dance down the aisle.

2. Also on The Office, since Jenna Fischer wasn't involved in the dance, the first time she saw it performed was during a rehearsal right before filming.

3. The Doctor Who episode where the Doctor showed Vincent Van Gogh how much his art mattered was a tribute to writer Richard Curtis's sister, who loved Vincent and sadly died.

4. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Rosa's coming out story was inspired by Stephanie Beatriz coming out as bisexual — Stephanie worked with the creators to figure out how Rosa and each character would react to the news.

5. On Schitt's Creek, Noah Reid composed this version of "Simply the Best" himself.

6. During Season 1 of Schitt's Creek, Emily Hampshire told Dan Levy that her dream role was Sally Bowles in Cabaret, and Dan made it a reality when he wrote Stevie's Season 5 arc.

7. On This Is Us, when Randall and William went to Memphis, the scene in the barber shop was unscripted — Sterling K. Brown and Ron Cephas Jones simply talked about their real first haircuts.

8. Amy Poehler learned that Ben was going to propose to Leslie on Parks and Rec while filming the Season 5 premiere in D.C.

9. Also on Parks and Rec, when writing Leslie and Ben's wedding, Michael Schur didn't know if the show was going to continue, so he wrote it as a possible series finale.

10. On New Girl, the dress Cece wore for her wedding to Schmidt included gold and red as a nod to traditional Indian wedding colors — the dress was meant to be a combo of Schmidt's Judaism and Cece's Indian heritage.

11. Robin coming out to Steve on Stranger Things wasn't part of the original script — Maya Hawke, the Duffer Brothers, and Shawn Levy came to the decision around Season 3, Episode 4 to make Robin an LGBTQ character.

12. On Grey's Anatomy, when Meredith told Cristina that even though she was leaving Grey Sloan it was only the beginning of her career, it was actually the last scene Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo filmed together.

13. Also on Grey's, the scene where the women of Grey Sloan lined the hallway to usher Abby, a sexual assault survivor, into surgery featured writers, production assistants, crew members, line producers, and basically every woman who worked at Shondaland at the time.

14. Manny Jacinto actually took the necklace Jason gave Janet on The Good Place and gifted it to D'Arcy Carden the night the series finale aired.

15. ABC was originally against showing Cory and Topanga's wedding on Boy Meets World because they were "too young" — the reason it happened was because a fan poll showed that the audience didn't care about their ages.

16. On Gilmore Girls, there are actually way more than 1,000 yellow daisies in the scene when Lorelai saw the inn filled with them — the moment included a few thousand flowers.

17. The last scene Sian Clifford filmed for Fleabag was when Claire told Fleabag that she would only run through an airport for her before going after Klare.

18. In the original pitch for Jane the Virgin, creator Jennie Snyder Urman said that she would end the series with Jane wanting her book to become a telenovela, meaning the final moments never changed.

19. After filming Matthew Morrison's last solo song on Glee, the entire cast went to the auditorium, sat in a circle, and talked about how much they loved each other — apparently, Jonathan Groff cried the hardest.

20. The moment when Rachel got off the plane on Friends almost never happened — the creators contemplated leaving Ross and Rachel's relationship on "a slightly more ambiguous note."

21. And finally, on One Tree Hill, Sophia Bush improvised Brooke's entire speech about what made high school so special for her.