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    Here Are 15 "Schitt's Creek" Facts That Deserve A Large Round Of Applause

    "All of my dreams were coming true. I can't imagine getting a gift like that again. It was everything."

    To celebrate the final season of Schitt's Creek, Emily Hampshire chatted with BuzzFeed and answered some of our burning questions about the show.

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    Here's everything we learned:

    🚨Warning: There are spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. First, for Emily's original audition, she wore the exact outfit Stevie wears during the Schitt's Creek pilot.

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    Emily jokes that Stevie "inspired the '90s to come back" when she sees people wearing flannel shirts, jeans, and Converse now.

    2. Emily hilariously has "no recollection" of her audition because she was so nervous — all she remembers is that Eugene wasn't there and "it was just Dan."

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    She remembered that she hoped Eugene would be there because "if I didn't get the part, at least I got to see Eugene Levy."

    3. In fact, Emily didn't recall that during the audition she proceeded to "sit on the couch and start to pull part of [her] shirt over [her] head" like she was hiding.

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    Emily joked, "Lifting up my top is the wrong way to put it. I know the audience for that and Dan is not interested in that. Hiding is very different from flashing."

    4. And what makes it even better is that Dan tells this story every time they go on tour for Schitt's Creek: Up Close and Personal.

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    Emily says Dan often tells the crowd, "For all of the actors out there, that is an example of what you shouldn't do. The only reason she got this part is because I happened to think it was charming."

    5. One of the scenes where Dan and Emily couldn't stop laughing while filming was when Stevie and David got high together.

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    6. And some of the most fun scenes to film were when the cast was in a car together — like when Stevie lies to David about the cherry blossoms.

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    7. Emily's dream role was always to play Sally Bowles in Cabaret — she even mentioned this to Dan in Season 1.

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    She said "never in a million years" did she think this would happen or that Stevie would be part of it. She continued, "All of my dreams were coming true. I can't imagine getting a gift like that again. It was everything."

    8. Also, she said filming it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and she discovered that for Stevie, "Maybe This Time" ended up being "all about her own empowerment."

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    9. While they were wrapping filming on certain sets during the final season, people would start to grab props they wanted to keep.

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    Eventually, Dan stopped announcing when it was the last day of filming on a specific set because it would cause a frenzy.

    10. Emily ended up taking a Larry Air pamphlet, the giant stag painting from behind Stevie's desk, a dead Tamagotchi, and a ton of Stevie's iconic flannel shirts.

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    She said that the stag painting essentially took up an entire wall on set, and now it's crammed in her "500-square-foot condo."

    11. In fact, while filming her Tide commercials for this year's Super Bowl, Emily actually brought in Stevie's very first flannel to use in her dirty laundry pile.

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    Emily said that it even "still smells like the motel."

    12. On set, every business card and pamphlet seen on screen looks as authentic as possible and jokes are even written on them.

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    For example, Emily remembers the Larry Air pamphlet having a slogan like, "TVs now in color."

    13. Emily's favorite scene between David and Stevie is when David says "that's my friend" after Stevie sings "Maybe This Time."

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    She explained, "That kills me. It's my favorite moment."

    14. Also, there's actually an upcoming David and Stevie scene in the final season that is a close second — "It's so special between the two of them."

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    Emily continued, saying, "[The scene] coming up that I love is because I love the writing in it."

    15. And finally, Emily still carries a piece of Schitt's Creek with her — the keychain she uses for her keys is actually a Schitt's Creek Motel one.

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    Be sure to watch Emily in the final season of Schitt's Creek, which airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Pop, and in her new Tide commercials featuring the #LaundryLater campaign.