17 "Hawkeye" Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The First Two Episodes, Straight From Director Rhys Thomas

    "Hailee Steinfeld's something special in Hawkeye, and she brought it home."

    There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Hawkeye Episodes 1 and 2.

    1. First, when director and executive producer Rhys Thomas joined Hawkeye during pre-production, there were already talks of Hailee Steinfeld being cast as Kate Bishop.

    Hailee standing on a snowy porch as she discusses something with Rhys

    2. In fact, Kevin Feige said that they "never really saw anyone else" for the role of Kate Bishop and they worked really hard to get Hailee to sign on.

    3. Rhys and the Hawkeye writers worked really hard to make sure Kate Bishop's unique voice and sarcasm from the comic books were translated on screen, and Hailee was a huge part of making it all work.

    4. Matt Fraction's Kate Bishop comics were a huge inspiration for Hawkeye.

    Kate and Clint with their bow and arrows at the ready

    5. Hawkeye was filmed more like a movie and less like a TV show, meaning they would film scenes from different episodes on the same day.

    Clint and Kate on a subway platform with a dog

    6. Rhys said it was wild to go back and revisit the Battle of New York from The Avengers during the opening scene for Hawkeye.

    A young Kate watching through a hole in a building as the events of the Battle of New York unfold before her eyes

    7. Using the Battle of New York as the setting for the first episode helped the show establish the "origins and emotional connection" that Kate has with Clint Barton/Hawkeye.

    8. The opening to Episode 1 where a young Kate runs through her apartment as the Battle of New York is happening was filmed in an extended long take, so audiences could feel like they were running alongside her.

    9. In fact, the take they ended up using for this sequence included Clara accidentally cutting her foot while running through the Bishops' apartment.

    10. The most difficult part of filming the Episode 1 opening was shooting the transition from going upstairs to downstairs in one take.

    11. In total, Rhys said they probably filmed the opening scene only "seven or eight times," which is honestly super impressive considering it's one very long take.

    12. The Battle of New York footage was a combination of new stuff they filmed and pieces of old, unused footage Jeremy Renner originally shot for The Avengers.

    13. Very early on in the production process, there was the idea of a bus driving by with an ad for Rogers: The Musical, and Rhys and the team decided to make the musical a reality instead of just a quick Easter egg.

    Clint watching the musical

    14. In fact, Rhys thought the Rogers: The Musical moment would not only be fun for fans, but a great parallel to the opening Battle of New York moments in Episode 1.

    15. It was also important for Rogers: The Musical to not only be funny, but to also get to the heart of how Clint is still dealing with Natasha's death.

    16. When Kate fights in the basement and puts on Ronin's hood during Episode 1, Rhys wanted the sequence to feel "chaotic" and for it to show that Kate is a skilled fighter but she might be in over her head.

    17. And finally, during the fight scenes in Episode 1 and 2, Rhys wanted to really showcase Kate's vulnerability too and how she's not "John Wick all of a sudden."

    Hawkeye Episodes 1 and 2 are streaming now on Disney+.