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    14 Hilarious Stories From Filming "Black Widow" Straight From Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, And David Harbour

    "That family dynamic of us really started to emerge naturally."

    Well, it's finally here. Black Widow has been released after years of waiting, and I'll be yelling (and crying) over it for the foreseeable future.

    Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh as Nat and Yelena

    So, to celebrate the highly anticipated release of Black Widow, we sat down with Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, and David Harbour to chat about filming the movie with a game of Who's Who.

    David Harbour, Scarlett Johansson, and Florence Pugh smiling and laughing

    Here are all the hilarious stories we learned:

    BTW: There are some mild spoilers in this post, in case you are here BEFORE seeing Black Widow!

    1. First, Florence and David were the two people who were most likely to start laughing while filming.

    2. In fact, Florence recalled David doing some "pretty wheezy laughing" while filming a scene when Alexei had to drink.

    Alexei talking to Yelena in Black Widow

    3. While none of them think they are "similar" to their Black Widow characters, David said they fell into the "family dynamic" pretty quickly.

    4. Florence joked that David became the "annoying father" of their group, and David admitted to cracking some great dad jokes while filming.

    Alexei saying, "Family. Back together again"

    5. Natasha wears a backpack for part of the film, and Florence recalled Scarlett barely being able to move in it, which made her stunts even more impressive.

    Natasha landing in her signature pose and Yelena saying, "Such a poser"

    6. Meanwhile, David's Red Guardian outfit was probably the least comfortable — Scarlett said David's head was basically "crushed inside" the helmet.

    Alexei posing in a door way in his Red Guardian suit and saying, "Still fits"

    7. Florence loves to joke and tease people on set, and she hilariously said she got in the habit of "putting [her] finger up David's nose" in between takes.

    8. Within the "first week" of knowing each other, Scarlett and Florence bonded so much that they would "put [their] fingers in each other's armpits when they were sweaty," just to make each other laugh.

    9. David and Scarlett are the two Black Widow cast members who would nap the most between scenes. Scarlett said there's so much "waiting around time" on set and she doesn't want to get distracted by other things, so she just sleeps.

    Natasha walking with Alexei after their helicopter crashes

    10. Rachel Weisz often forgot her lines while filming, while Florence was the person who knew everyone else's lines too.

    Yelena and Melina talking and Yelena crying

    11. Also, Florence started to make up some lines during a "4 a.m. night shoot" where she had to recite long pages of dialogue.

    12. Scarlett and Florence would dance and sing together on set, and it would often turn into a big dance party.

    13. While filming, Florence hilariously made fun of how David walked while in his Red Guardian suit.

    Alexei getting ready to fight in his Red Guardian outfit

    14. And finally, in case you are wondering, out of the entire cast, David would be the one to win a game of Marvel Cinematic Universe trivia.

    Yelena and Alexei talking

    Check out our full video with Scarlett, Florence, and David below:

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    And be sure to watch Black Widow, which is in theaters now and streaming on Disney+ with Premier Access.