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28 Wonderful Things You Should Do Over This Long Weekend

Special recommendation: Rekindling your relationship with pizza.

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First let's take a moment to celebrate the amount of long weekends we've been having.

1. Try making elaborate plans with your friends that never work out.

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2. Question your friendship and all of humanity.

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3. Restore your faith in the human race by watching this video.

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4. Work on your abs.


Or just stare at this GIF.

5. Just kidding! Order some pizza.

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6. Collect all your friends to play a riveting game of cricket. But first, train your dog to act as Umpire.

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7. Spend most of your weekend on hair removal because this.

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8. Get your best dress on.

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9. Get tequila wasted.

10. Bust out your best moves.

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11. Make bad decisions.

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12. Forget bad decisions.

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13. Have your sober friend remind you of your bad decisions.

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14. Regret bad decisions.

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15. Guiltily try to turn your life around. First step:

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16. JK JK, pizza with another round of shots please.

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17. Try making some delish desi cocktails.

Michelle Peters - Jones / Via Flickr: foodfootballandababy

18. Stalk your crush on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in person.

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No, InPerson is not a new app.

19. Stimulate a weekend romance.


20. Take an impromptu trip abroad in case someone tells you they like like you.

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21. Try learning Hrithik's choreography in Bang Bang.

22. Get an extreme makeover.

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23. Make a playlist of your ghati-est songs and go road tripping.

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Scream-singing at the top of your lungs is mandatory.

24. Get a clever tattoo.

Just don't end up here or here. Especially not here.

Just don't end up here or here. Especially not here.

25. Try those Pinterest DIYs you've bookmarked.

27. Let's be real. You're probably just going to stay on the internet all weekend.

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28. Because Mondays are so much worse after a 4 day weekend.

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