37 Reasons Tattoos Shouldn’t Be Permanent


1. These polite instructions:

3. This… narwhal humping a Twinkie?

6. This trompe l’oeil:

7. These flowers with a secret message:

9. This stick figure:

10. This wrist inspiration:

11. This dolphin relaxing at home:

12. Everything about this:

15. This blue screen incarnate:

17. This celebration of ham:

21. Whatever is happening here:

22. These frisky smoking unicorns:

26. This not-so-sunny Care Bear:

28. This facial study in arachnology:

30. This interpretation of a Seinfeld line:

33. This political tribute/ManBearPig:

(h/t Chris Moody)

34. This ode to a movie classic:

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