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Women Got Custom-Made Suits And Looked So Damn Fierce

"I don't think I look like a little boy today."

Suits are associated with power, professionalism and confidence. But it can be very difficult as a woman to find a suit that fits you perfectly and shows off your personal style, especially as a queer woman. So, we had four women with very different styles get their ideal suit tailor-made by Sharpe Suiting:

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The founder of Sharpe Suiting, Leon Wu, explained that they make custom suits for people, "no matter how you identify." He had each person sit down with a designer to put together a look that matched their personality and style.

Jordan was looking for a suit that was "feminine but not girly." She added that as a bi-sexual woman in a heterosexual relationship, she wanted to feel comfortable but still sexy. Her style inspiration was Cara Delevingne.

Niki explained that she used to dress really feminine because she was closeted about her sexuality. Now that she's out, she wanted a suit that reflected her style change. Comfortable clothing was also key for her. Her inspiration was Christine and the Queens.

Karen explained that she has always been self-conscious of her hips, and she wanted a suit with a straight, masculine cut that didn't show off any curves. Karen's inspiration was Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Jazzmyne was looking for a statement suit! She wanted it to have a long jacket and it to be red. Her style inspiration was Rihanna (because of course).

A few weeks later, they each received their custom suits and it was time to try them on.

Jordan looked and felt so sexy and confident in her sophisticated wine-colored suit.

Karen felt awesome and confident in her navy suit. She even called her outfit her "Superman suit."

Niki's suit was the right balance of simple, comfortable and powerful. She felt like a BOSS walking around in it.

Jazzmyne’s suit exceeded her expectations—she loved it all!! She felt proud and bold and ready to take on the world.

Each woman loved the experience of being fitted for a custom suit. They felt listened to and empowered in suits tailored to their individual personalities. Fuck yeah, killin' it!