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    The Attorney General Tried To Replace A Federal Prosecutor And Things Got Weird Fast

    “It all lasted long enough for Democrats in Congress to say, ‘We want to look into this and find out what the attorney general is doing and on whose authority.’”

    Drew Angerer / Getty Images

    Geoffrey Berman, US attorney for the Southern District of New York.

    The date: June 22! The time: News O'Clock!

    The president’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was a bust, and there’s a lot of blame to go around! At the rally, President Donald Trump told a “joke” about telling his administration to slow down coronavirus testing. (But, uh, it definitely didn't seem like a joke at the time!!)

    Over the weekend, Will Smith revealed how his daughter, Willow Smith, taught him all about feelings. Aww.

    We found a TikTok that PERFECTLY describes what it's like to make this podcast with all the things that have happened in 2020 so far. (Thanks, @dmotta3!)

    And BuzzFeed News legal reporter Zoe Tillman helps us make sense of the power play Attorney General William Barr tried — and kinda failed? — to pull off this weekend.

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