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    Trans People Rarely Get To Tell Their Own Stories. Imara Jones Is Changing That.

    “We’re talked about all the time, we are in the news all the time, we’re represented in culture all the time, but very rarely are we actually asked what we think.”

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    On today's episode, we're talking about these stories:

    1. Over a million people worldwide have died of COVID-19. It may shock you to learn that Trump was not doing great financially when The Apprentice first aired.

    2. We’re apparently getting a sequel to last year’s remake of The Lion King, this time directed by Barry Jenkins?

    3. FarmVille is finally withering on the vine at the end of this year.

    4. And we’re joined by Imara Jones, the host of the new TransLash podcast, about creating space for trans people to tell their own stories — and why she has hope for Black trans women’s futures.

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