Listen: This “Animaniacs” Actor Takes You Back To The '90s With Yakko And Pinky

    “Is anyone else seeing their childhood flash before their eyes right now?”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Sen. Lindsey Graham maybe pressured the Georgia secretary of state to throw away legally cast ballots?

    2. We’re STILL arguing over when to wear masks and why when it comes to COVID safety.

    3. The Senate Judiciary Committee grilled the CEO’s of Facebook and Twitter today on the Hill over election misinformation.

    4. Dolly Parton is apparently behind some of the funding for Moderna’s COVID vaccine.

    5. Emma Corrin has been getting universally rave reviews as Princess Diana, but she’s nervous to hear Prince William and Prince Harry’s opinions on it.

    6. AND we’re talking about the Animaniacs reboot with voice actor Rob Paulsen.

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