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    Here Are 31 Sexual Wellness Products To Try Out If You Want Something New This Cuffing Season

    Leaves are falling, and cuffing season is upon us. Time for you to *fall* in love with these sexual wellness products that'll change your life.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    If you or your partner has a dick...

    1. A dual cock ring designed with stretchy silicone to help your penis-packing partner stay harder for longer, so you both get yours. This dual ring won't be noticeable at all under bae's gray sweatpants, so definitely worth it.

    This versatile ring can be worn in several ways: solely on your dick, one ring wrapped around the D and the other around the balls, or wrap them both around your balls! Pick your poison, it's your pleasure!

    Promising reviews: "A friend of mine recommended this rubber ring to try it and omg this is insane. If you're like me and like to try new things to satisfy you partner, you should definitely get not one but two of them. One for home and another one for the go! Five stars!" —Enmanuel

    "This thing is lovely. First, it’s BEYOND comfortable. Too many c-rings make everything feel awkward, but not this one. It was all-too-easy to stretch it over and put it in position, and my partner and I LOVED IT. Not to mention, it’s super easy to clean up afterward." —Marcus Megahee

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in black and burgundy).

    2. A uniquely shaped vibrating cock ring by Fun Factory with rabbit ear attachments to stimulate your lover's clitoris with each stroke during PIV. Make the most of what remains of summer by ensuring you both get yours.

    Hands holding green cock ring
    Black cock ring surrounded by gold
    @funfactoryusa / Via, @funfactoryusa / Via

    Or, use it with your fingers to finger your lover or wear it during a blowjob for added stimulation to the perineum during oral. The vibrating component boasts two motors with four settings and a "flirt" mode.

    Promising reviews: "The shape is perfect for my penis, and she quite enjoyed the vibration. Very soft to the touch and super easy to use. Highly recommend." —Anonymous

    "This is great for amping up intercourse for both the wearer and his partner. I definitely need lube to get it on and off as it is rather tight on me. Once on, it is comfortable and stays in place. We have several Fun Factory toys, and while expensive, have always been impressed with their quality and functionality." —Anonymous

    Get it from Lovehoney for $99.

    3. A cock ring designed with a textured vibrating pad to stimulate the clit or balls — your pick.

    reviewer holding black and gold cock ring
    reviewer displaying textured side of cock ring

    The silicone ring stretches to fit a variety of penises (or dildos) and the vibrator has five speeds and patterns for up to 25 varying intensities.

    If this cock ring seems a little too fancy, here's a list of cock rings to introduce to your play.

    Promising reviews: "This is a great addition to solo or couples' play. The ring is super stretchy and can fit around any of our toys. Loved when she was on top. She was able to grind on it without having to hold a heavy vibrator. Super quick and easy to clean and charges quickly! Its pretty quiet considering how intense the vibration can be." —Howard Martin

    "This vibrating ring is made out of good quality material. It's soft and stretchy with a nice snug fit but not too tight. It can be worn in a variety of ways and used in different positions. The vibrations are pretty powerful while also being relatively quiet. The battery lasts quite awhile but charges pretty quickly. And best of all it's super easy to clean because it's waterproof and can even be used underwater. I highly recommend this product. It's not too expensive and was shipped discreetly." —NSFB

    Get it from Amazon for $39.66.

    4. A vibrating stroker that looks like a manta ray and is probably just as powerful. Six speeds and six patterns turn oral sex, masturbation, and couples' play into a mind-blowing time for anyone with a penis.

    Model holding black vibrating stroker
    Couple holding green vibrating stroker
    @funfactoryusa / Via, @funfactoryusa / Via

    Promising reviews: "This toy is worth every penny and maybe double that. I have a ton of toys (I like trying new things) but this one is the one I always go back to. I like using it both dry and with lube as they are totally different experiences with this thing. Saw a review and was intrigued, but was a little hesitant given the price. I shouldn’t have worried." —Anonymous

    "I got this toy for my partner for his birthday. He's bought me lots of toys over the years and I wanted to gift him his own toy that we can also use together. He enjoys the pleasure it brings, in the bed or in the shower. It's pretty powerful, has lots of options and settings, and feels good on my clit too (though a bit too strong of vibrations for me). We've only used it once together so we still need to experiment a bit more with positions for it to bring us both to climax but this is a really awesome, high quality toy so I am hopeful!" —Lilliana

    Get it from Fun Factory for $139.99 or Amazon for $139.98 (available in three colors).

    5. A Jack 2-in-1 stroker and packer, boasting representational hues and a ribbed cavity that provides suction to the wearer for a stimulating stroke session. What better way to show off your bottom growth to your cuffing season roster than with a new dick you can pack and play with?

    Model holding assorted colors of Jack packer
    New York Toy Collective

    For packing, it's recommended to be worn with a strap-on / harness, so that it stays put. The stroker cavity stretches and works best for anatomies at least 0.5" in diameter because it will create suction, any smaller and the suction will not be activated.

    Promising reviews: "I love this product! The hole is big enough for many sizes to fit and stay on with suction. Amazing and intense stimulation. I tried after using a pump and it helped me stay erect. Best packer I ever owned and I owned most of em." —Jaki

    "My partner and I used the Jack yesterday. They are trans masculine and three years on testosterone. We used it in two different ways. The first way, I used a nice amount of lube, opened the stroker and suctioned it and stroked. It worked best with reinforcement by hand. Most FTM strokers we come across seem as if they are designed for trans masculine folks who are more developed growth wise physically. With that being said we improvised and the toy wound up giving amazing results for my partner. They give it a 9/10 and said that they are interested in seeing this develop in different shapes and sizes. I also suctioned it, applied pressure with fingers and performed oral sex. He said it was very pleasurable to be able to receive head and have the point of view visual that Jack creates. It helped with his dysphoria." —Summer

    Get it from New York Toy Collective for $59 (available in four fleshtone hues).

    New York Toy Collective is a Black- and queer-owned retailer that creates high-quality, gender-affirming intimacy toys and products, ranging from packers and binders to dildos and accessories.

    If you or your partner prefer extra clit stim...

    6. An Eva vibrator by Dame designed with flexible wings to tuck under the labia and nest on the vulva, stimulating them with three vibration intensities. *hint* Introduce it into couples' play for extra good vibes.

    Model holding green vibrator in front of torso
    Model reaching for pink egg-shaped vibrator on bed
    @dameproducts / Via, Dame

    Promising reviews: "I think my husband enjoys it more than I do. I find myself trying to keep it in place and adjusting it, but it's still worth it. We just need to continue experimenting... ;)" —Diana W.

    "I looked at this product for a long time, but was skeptical. I finally decided to buy it and I’m so glad I did! I love using this with my husband. It gets me there every time. I love the different speed settings. The only thing I wish is that it were remote controlled so it would be easier to change the speed. This also stays in place surprisingly well and feels very comfortable." —Halie T.

    Get it from Dame for $135 or Amazon for $121.66+ (available in quartz or fir).

    7. An adorable (and waterproof) bullet vibrator with 10 settings and a discreet design, in case you like to take your ~O~ on the go.

    Blue bullet vibrator next to condom
    Reviewer holding vibrator in hand

    Promising reviews: "This little thing sure has a lot of 'umph' power for something that’s no bigger than a lipstick tube! Other reviewers all say it will die a sudden and inexplicable death but this lipstick is cheap, and forewarned is forearmed so I bought two. I’ll just keep replacing the spare. 😂" —Kaye

    "I got this vibrator less than a week ago and it is everything I wanted. First of all, super cute, perfect 'pocket' size, and the material is nice to the touch. The most important part is that the vibration speeds are powerful for such a tiny vibrator. This is perfect for clitoral/nipple stimulation. I've used it with a partner to much success, but already have plans to take it with me when I travel for a 'quickie' and to be discreet. If clitoral orgasms are a thing for you, get it. I've had other bullets in the past that look, feel, and 'act' CHEAP! This definitely NOT one of them. I can't believe I got it for this price." —Ashleigh N.

    Get it from Amazon for $10.28.

    8. A discreet bullet vibrator boasting an angled precision tip, so you can directly stimulate your clit with its 10 powerful vibration modes. When your new boo thang is begging for more, just pull out this handy and powerful partner.

    Oh, and this petit prince is waterproof, too.

    Promising reviews: "This little vibrator is absolutely amazing. It does not take too much time for it to get the job done. It is great solo, with a partner, or with other toys. Highly recommend. I need that extra bit of stimulation through sex and it does it…. Leaves you shaking." —K.C.

    "I think the title of my review says it all, happy wife/happy life. The power is perfect and helps provide a great assist with executing the goal, especially when your partner requires certain stimulation for a happy ending." —Oscar Leal

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

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    9. The Le Wand Grand bullet vibrator, which takes things up a notch with an extended design for versatility, a powerful combo of 11 vibration modes and four intensities to explore, *and* a body-safe metal design that's perfect for temperature play.

    Model posing with dark purple bullet vibrator with attached textured sleeve
    Model holding rose gold vibrator and matching silicone attachments
    @lewandmassager / Via, @lewandmassager / Via

    Because this vibe is made of metal and rechargeable, it has a waterproof design in case you decide to take it in the bath, shower, or other aquatic trysts. Each vibrator also includes two removable textured silicone attachments: one ring and one classic bullet sleeve to help heighten sensations.

    The Le Wand Grand bullet vibrator is beginner-friendly, but if you think it might be too much, there's also the Le Wand Bullet (but just FYI the Grand is 40% more powerful and bigger). 

    The Grand bullet is part of Le Wand's Chrome collection.

    Get it from Le Wand for $104.99 (available in three colors).

    Regardless of your lovers genitalia — these toys will be a big hit (some even literally!)...

    10. A powerful miniature wand vibrator created with supple silicone for a soft-touch feel and 20 functions to take you right to that blissful, blurry edge.

    Promising reviews: "I thought I knew what an orgasm was until I bought this thing. My soul leaves my body every time I use this and it never disappoints me. The battery life is fantastic and the vibration strength, oh my god. Do yourself or your partner a favor and buy this. But heads up, your partner may not need you anymore." —Mackenzie

    "I have loved and used it so much I have bought at least 3 of them by now. They last forever, AMAZING strength (a serious rival, every other vibrator I've purchased since has let me down because this one sets the standard so high!) and the perfect size to slip in between you and your partner while intimate. It is little louder than some other 'quieter' toys but it is not that loud. It WILL work for you, I guarantee it!" —richard green

    Get it from Amazon for $19.10+ (available in six colors).

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    11. A wireless, rechargeable version of everyone's favorite massage vibrator: The Magic Wand. This upgraded beauty has four rumbly speeds and four powerful pattern modes to explore and can even be used while plugged in if it runs out of juice mid-session!

    Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable
    @vibratexinc / Via

    Promising review: "This toy is my FAVORITE! I have Never squirted until I got my Magic Wand. To be completely honest… I have had several wands and they always fall apart or they die too fast. I have had the Magic Wand for already 3 years and it still looks and feels brand new. I was skeptical about it due to its size, but to be honest it has been the best toy I have gotten for myself. I have also used it with my partner and they love it as well! I love how easy it is and discreet looking it is. Yes, there are several settings and my favorite is the second setting. It's been so good to me. It still looks brand new and is working as if I just got it. If you want to spice up things in the bedroom then this is the one. Not only do I feel the powerful vibration but I also love that my partner was able to feel it while we were intimate. The only thing I don’t like is how bulky it is and it does hurt when using it with my partner during certain positions but that’s cause it's so big. But that toy, alone, is still my go-to." —Tati1999

    Get it from Lovehoney for $149.99.

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    BTW it's really easy to upgrade your Magic Wand, no need to wait — just check out one of these attachments.

    12. The best-selling Mason dildo, designed with an 8-inch insertable length because bigger bodies deserve the same gratifying stimulation as smaller ones. Literally, this dildo was created for anyone who has and/or loves bellies, butts and penetration.

    Ben blue Mason dildo
    Assorted colors of Mason dildos
    Close-up of fleshtone dildos
    @newyorktoycollective / Via, New York Toy Collective

    I'm a bigger gal and this dildo brings me so much joy. Just, yes. Anyways, this dildo is made with body-safe and hypoallergenic silicone, harness-compatible, boilable for cleaning and sterilization and has a girth of 1.5 inches.

    Promising review: "My partner absolutely loves it! The big head hits all his 'right spots.' The length lets us naturally do all kinds of positions. For me, it is truly my cock. It matches my skin almost perfectly, too. A great cock by NYTC!" —Zach

    Get it from New York Toy Collective for $169 (available in four flesh tones and four whimsical hues).

    13. A hand-sculpted artisan dildo, just perfect for play with several design options including gentle curves, a suction cup base, and a girth to make your eyes roll back.

    Model holding assortment of striped dildos and plugs
    Entire Avant collection of dildos with water droplets
    @blushglobal / Via, @blushglobal / Via

    The pictured dildos and plugs are all part of Blush's Avant collection, with several representing the colors of a specific Pride flag for their über-popular Pride collection. Each dildo is a different length and girth, so you literally can't go wrong. For info on why these dildos are great, check out my Blush Avant Purple Rain dildo review.

    Promising reviews: "Small but fun. If you're looking for girth, this isn't for you. It's short and skinny but the texture is smooth and very fun. Colors are pretty too. Great for beginners or first timers at receiving!" —nich (on P3 Beauty Avant Pride dildo)

    "First, this thing is HUGE, especially for a novice to certain play. My husband wanted to try it, with that kind of half afraid and half excited. We had tried smaller toys but they are often rather firm and frequently somewhat uncomfortable. Not only is this one pretty colors it is soft and flexible but with a firm enough core to use (big pink marshmallow is how my hubby describes this one). The head is very large and be warned that you need to prep the recipient a bit and take your time. The ridges can make vigorous play uncomfortable after a little while and this is a bit longer than the standard sizes. It has ended up being hubby's favorite, though. We would certainly purchase again and are even looking at others in this collection to change things up." —J. Heath (on D3 Summer Fling Avant dildo)

    Get them from Amazon for $59.99+ (General collection) and $24.99+ (Pride collection).

    14. The Fusion dildo is a unique harness-compatible dildo designed with a ridge along the base intended to stimulate the wearer during penetrative sex. With this innovative toy, it doesn't matter if you're a top or bottom, because EVERYONE is going to get off.

    Black dildo with ridge along base for stimulation
    Pink dildo in black harness briefs
    Wet For Her

    Promising reviews: "It was very pleasurable for myself and my partner. It takes a little bit to position well and then the harness needs to be done up tight for maximum effect but that's relatively easy and from there it's very fun to use." —Nia T.

    "Absolutely amazing!! My partner and I love using this and it’s so easy and quick to clean. The slight curve also works wonders!" —Kelsey

    Get it from Wet For Her for $62.95 (originally $69.95 and available in three sizes; also available in pink and black).

    15. The *very* popular Joque harness, created for versatility with adjustable straps that fit waists up to 65 inches and an elastic O-ring that's compatible with a variety of dildo bases.

    Black and purple strap-on harness
    Purple dildo in black strap-on harness

    This harness also has internal pockets in case you want to place a bullet vibrator for added pleasure.

    Promising reviews: "This is definitely worth the price. It has great variety in the sizing for the wearer. You can use a vibrating dildo with it and you feel the stimulation. Also there are pockets you can add items to for your stimulation. The ring is very hard to get the dildo into, but it works out because it does not come out during use. The comfort to the wearer is phenomenal. Recommend for any experience user." —Customer DBG

    "I was so exhausted one night after my partner and I had some fun, that I fell asleep with it on and forgot it was still there. It’s extremely comfortable but super sturdy. Also, very easy to throw it in the mesh bag it comes in and toss it in the laundry. I let it air dry though. Great product!" —divertida9

    Get it from Amazon for $134.95 (available in two sizes and three colors).

    16. A stimulating cushion, offering versatile use as a comfortable base for your favorite dildo or strap-on *and* providing a contoured grinding pad, if you prefer to hump your way to climax. Avid peggers and grinders should add this to their collection, stat.

    Model holding pink Bumpher base
    Black, purple, blue and pink bumpher bases displaying ridges
    @bananapantslife / Via, @bananapantslife / Via

    This toy is made of supple silicone and stretches to fit a variety of dildo bases up to 3.25" W.

    Promising reviews: "This was awesome. She used this on herself, and she took me from behind and drilled me like a star!!! Usually she can only handle a few min then she is sore from the toys, but with this she must have been up me for 49 min nonstop pumping away on me. Wow, this made pegging amazing and she used a 14-inch-long, 3-inch-thick toy and we both loved it. She said it gave her some pleasure also, that’s why she could do it so long and without the pains. Love this." —D man

    "I will never not use this thing. It is soooo soft. feels so nice AND hits that sweet spot every single time. My girl and I love it. 🥇🥇🥇" —Brie Sews

    Get it from Amazon for $36 (available in four colors).

    If you're into discreetly wearable sexy hijinks....

    17. An egg vibrator that won't clash with your favorite lingerie and will get you off with seven vibration modes and or personalized patterns using the Bluetooth app. A wearable vibe is a great intro to mutual masturbation and even power play because doing chores and getting a little buzz in your vagina would be...startling to say the least.

    Pink egg-shaped vibrator next to cell phone
    gif of egg-shaped vibrator in water to demonstrate strength
    Amazon, Lovense

    The ergonomic egg shape means this discreet vibe stays put, so you can wear it out and about (if that's your thing) and control the vibrations effortlessly from your phone. No one would suspect a thing and with a five-hour battery life...this toy can probably outlast you.

    Promising reviews: "When I saw they had an updated version of it I had to try it and it is wonderful. I have not had any connection problems with it and love the new charging port. The Lovense 3 is a little more powerful than the 2 and I like that also. My partner and I love this new version. It is a wonderful toy for long distance play or in person. The app allows me to give him full control no matter where he is and we both enjoy that. I would highly recommend this for couples that can't always get together in person." —Kelli

    "Lovesense has changed the game forever! While is has some things they can still improve on, I stand behind this product for self-play or foreplay with your significant other. The music feature was such a pleasant surprise. The vibrations ride the bass and it changes in intensity appropriately and on cue with your favorite song... your favorite song will be your favorite FAVORITE song on a whole other level....*pauses for deep reflective breath*. The ability to also customize vibrations to your liking is a big plus as is the ability to still 'engage' with your partner so long as they have cell service. My second favorite feature? I don’t need freaking batteries. A win all in itself." —T. Antoinette

    Get it from Amazon for $129.

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    18. A sleek and silky prostate massager boasting six vibration modes to cycle through alone or with a partner using the app or wireless remote control to deliver dual stimulation to the prostate and perineum.

    Promising review: "The Vector absolutely stands out from other prostate massagers. Using the app, you can adjust the head (that's right, it can change angles!). Once it is inserted this baby isn't going anywhere. The thin passage at the base ensures it doesn't keep slipping out. You can easily walk around without people noticing, unless they hear the vibrations. Testing all the different rhythms and strength of the vibrations, I found myself in a nice relaxed state where I could just enjoy the sensations it was providing. I feel that with more use and experience with this toy you won't have any problems in having a hands-free orgasm, leaving your body shaking and drowning in euphoria. Overall this prostate massager hits a new level and I would recommend it for new or experienced users alike. You won't be disappointed." —JustHereForTheCake

    Get it from We-Vibe or Amazon for $139.

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