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    31 Beginner Masturbation Tips And Toys That'll Help You Blow Your Own Damn Mind

    Whether you're new to masturbation or just looking for some new tips, we've got you covered.

    When people hear "self-care" they might think bubble baths, exercise, meditation, retail therapy...actual therapy, whatever. Other people might think, masturbation. It's honestly whatever floats your boat, but if you're new to touching yourself and finding out what you like, here are some tips and toys to help get you started.

    1. First things first, get to know your anatomy below the belt! The clitoris is actually a lot more complicated (anatomically) than it looks and not all vulvas / vaginas / penises look the same. So, getting to know everything you've got before you start exploring masturbation is important.

    2. Start with *all* of your erogenous zones! While the penis, vagina, anus and clitoris are definitely hot spots, exploring different areas of your body with various sensations can definitely heat things up.

    Map of erogenous zones with descriptions

    3. Touch yourself in the mirror.

    4. Settle in for an indulgent night with an erotic book or podcast, if you want to get a little hot and horny before satisfying yourself.

    5. Turn on (and get turned on) some ethical pornography. Ethical porn simply means content that's created *and* consumed without contributing to unpaid labor, unsafe work conditions, discrimination, inequality, or other harmful workplace conditions, rules or stigmas. In other words: watching consensual, legal porn where performers are respected and paid for their contribution to the world.

    6. Trade in your go-to lotion for an *actual* lubricant. Like one reader says, they exist for a reason and it's a REALLY GOOD ONE.

    7. For bathtub lovers, scooting your butt down towards the drain so you can position yourself directly underneath the faucet is the OG way of getting off in the tub.

    Model with feet next to bathtub faucet

    8. Or attach a faucet extender, like the Water Slyde by Lovability, which simply ties around your faucet and flows the water further out towards you. These are a great option if your flexibility is lacking or you don't want to go through all the trouble of scooting directly under the faucet.

    9. Invest in a detachable showerhead, which is definitely the move for anyone who enjoys a quick (or indulgent) session, since they usually have multiple pressures or modes to play with and you can make sure the water is aimed directly at your clit.

    10. Humping or grinding is a great way to start exploring sensation and methods for pleasure that you might enjoy *a lot* more than typical fingering and rubbing.

    11. Try a face-down-ass-up position for a hands-free orgasm.

    12. Increase your pleasure with a sex pillow, which is soft, squishy and sometimes contoured, making it easy enough to use. Besides comfort, sex pillows can be used to add leverage for specific positions or even finding new angles to explore.

    13. Consider investing in a customizable silicone grinder — they're offered in whimsical color mixes and designed with silicone ridges made up of over 80 individual nubs that'll stimulate you.

    Pink and purple silicone grinder

    14. Of course, if your budget is tight or you don't want to commit before exploring, a firmer pillow or towel will work just as well.

    15. Prefer to lie down on your back or stomach? Vibrators like the Starsi or Romp Leaf are perfect for grinding and broader exploration due to their flat, slightly contoured designs.

    16. If you have a penis, try out different stroke techniques.

    17. Orrr, consider giving your hands a break and investing in a sex toy!

    18. Introduce a reusable masturbation sleeve into your routine. These offer more sensation to your typical stroke session because of the textured interior of the sleeve.

    19. Or further up the ante on your stroke game with a vibrating stroker, which allows all penis-packing persons to enjoy exploring their body and pleasure preferences a little more.

    20. Try out this transparent masturbator with a tight, convex, textured interior that you can twist, stroke, and watch through its case until you're finished. It's more affordable than a Fleshlight and makes a perfect starter masturbator.

    Model holding masturbator to display front and full length

    21. Starting off with broader stimulation is good first step to understanding what you like. Palm-sized external sex toys offer play for all your erogenous zones: nipples, thighs, stomach...and of course, your genitalia.

    22. Keep things simple with a finger vibe, which essentially becomes an extension of your already explorative hands and adds vibrating modes for a little extra *oomph* if you're ready for it.

    23. Deliver pinpointed vibes to your clit with a bullet vibrator. Its handheld size is perfect for some discreet exploration under the covers or in the bathtub, in case you have roommates, nosy family members or even pets.

    24. Experiment with using a vibrator on your balls or perineum! A mini wand or bullet vibrator from above is perfect for targeted, high-powered vibrations all over.

    Reviewer holding pink miniature wand

    25. Effortlessly stimulate different erogenous zones with a wand vibrator — most boast a convenient handle to elevate your exploration without accidentally pulling a muscle or ending up in an off-brand yoga pose. Wand vibrators are high-powered, so once you get one you might not go back... 👀

    26. Increase your good vibes with a "suction" toy, which uses air pulse technology to simulate an oral sensation. These are a great option if the finger vibes or bullets just aren't doing it for you.

    27. Training with dilators for penetration is an easy way to prepare yourself physically (and mentally) to move up to inserting sex toys into your vagina or anus *or* easily graduating to a larger size.

    28. Explore penetration with a colorful dildo or plug designed with that has a suction cup base to make sure it stays put. The Blush Avant dildos are, IMO, the superior dildo — they come in such a variety of sizes so you can easily work your way up from the slimmest to the girthiest.

    29. Or treat your G-spot to a few good vibes with this slim silicone vibrator designed with a gentle curve to specifically reach your G-spot and blow your mind with 25 vibration modes and frequencies.

    Slim purple vibrator with curved tip

    30. Introduce yourself to the P-spot (or A-spot) with beginner-friendly anal toys. Make sure they have a flared base for effortless and reliable removal.

    31. Having a sex toy that's nonphallic is also a good way to start learning more about your pleasure without being put off by realistic design and lifelike feels.