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    Here's The First Look At Kate Middleton And Prince William In "The Crown" Season 6 Next To The Actual Kate And Will

    Ah, the wonderful historical period of the early '00s.

    Remember the bygone era of 2001? Well, historical drama The Crown will be covering the early days of Kate Middleton and Prince William's romance in the show's sixth and final season — and, what's more, we have our first look at the actors playing the young couple.

    Closeup of Prince William and Kate Middleton

    Before we get into it, let’s set the scene with what was happening at the time. Prince William attended St. Andrews from 2001-2005, initially to study art history — but, as this handy photo of him with a map shows, he later focused on studying geography.

    Prince William flipping through an atlas

    For real, this is a photo of the actual Prince William on his first day of university:

    Closeup of Prince William

    I could do an entire post on the photoshoots of Will at uni, but I digress:

    Then, we get Kate, who studied art history at the university. The two met in 2001 in a dorm hallway, were friends — and even lived together as such for a brief period — before things took a turn for the romantic (some attribute it to a sheer dress Kate wore in 2002 at a college fashion show that Will attended).

    The public first got intel that the two were together in 2004, and Kate attended her first royal event in 2006 — and the rest is history.

    Closeup of Kate Middleton

    Alright, so who are the actors who will bring these two young souls to life? Newcomers Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy will be taking the helm, both making their on-screen debuts in the roles. And here they are!

    Meg Bellamy and Ed McVey as Kate Middleton and Prince William

    Photos from the set at St. Andrews show the actors filming a handful of scenes outside:

    Screenshot from "The Crown"

    Like, shoutout to whoever did Ed's hair:

    Ed McVey as Prince William

    Lifetime's William & Kate (2011) could never.

    Onset for "The Crown"

    No word about when Season 6 will air, so keep your eyes peeled.