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"Euphoria" Stars Maude Apatow And Angus Cloud Have Been Pretty Cute On Instagram, But Maude's Dad Judd Apatow Keeps Hilariously Hopping Into The Comments

"I will watch right after I finish Yellowstone."

If you're a Euphoria fan, then you likely know Maude Apatow and Angus Cloud as Lexi and Fez respectively.

Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images for HBO

Fexi, if you will. 

However, you may also be aware that Maude is the daughter of filmmaker Judd Apatow and actor Leslie Mann.

Charley Gallay / Getty Images for Netflix

So, given that the ~ tension ~ between Lexi and Fez has been reaching fever pitch, it tracks that Judd would go full dad-mode over it.

Eddy Chen / HBO

Take this teaser for tonight's episode of Euphoria, where we see a moment of *hand holding.*

Judd? Well, he's going to watch once he's done with Yellowstone.

Maude Apatow / Via Instagram: @maudeapatow

Yes, Judd Apatow really likes the Paramount show Yellowstone:

I think @Yellowstone has really enjoyed creating their horse trick music video montages. It is the year of horse porn.

Twitter: @JuddApatow

However, Judd did take a moment to share the Euphoria snippet on his story along with the caption, "I have promised not to judge this young suitor, but I do have my concerns."

Judd Apatow / Comments By Celebs / Via

But that's not all! Maude also posted this iconic photo of her and Angus in matching Thom Browne tartan:

To which Judd made it clear that he was also very hip and cool:

Maude Apatow / Via Instagram: @maudeapatow

And when it came to this BTS look of Euphoria...

...You can bet Judd hopped into the comments once more:

Maude Apatow / Via Instagram: @maudeapatow

Now, you may be thinking, "Huh, doesn't Maude have a famous mom as well?" Well, it's safe to say her responses have been a little more easy-going:

Maude Apatow / Via

Hope this season of Yellowstone is compelling!