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15 Luxurious Scented Candles That Won't Force You To Declare Bankruptcy

You don't need to burn through a lot of money to have nice candles.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what their favourite affordable candles are. Here are some of their recommendations.

1. The Yorkshire Soap Co. does lovely and expensive smelling candles from £6.95.

"They do a range of candles at a range of prices but the cashmere and cocoa tin is my absolute favourite."

Submitted by stacey-annea.


2. For aesthetically beautiful and natural-smelling candles, try Burke and Hare, from £5.73.

"Burke and Hare Co. Candles are my top choice. All of the candles by this company have a much more real and natural scent to them, unlike some cheaper brand candles that have an overwhelming chemical scent to them. Their candles are a go-to for me when picking out gifts for friends."

Submitted by meganr4e68e3983.

3. Price's Chef's Candles not only smell great, but they also banish lingering cooking smells. They're super cheap to boot, costing just £3.49.

"I have been buying these candles for almost five years and they are flipping amazing. I had a studio apartment for three years, so you can imagine what it smelled like after cooking fish – which is when I discovered these candles. You light one after cooking and they magically absorb odours. They're not strongly scented, and come in a handy three-pack. I also love the clean-window variety too, which has a fresh cotton scent."

Submitted by Ailbhe Malone.

4. If you're into handmade, natural soy candles, Busy Bee Candles will be right up your alley, with prices starting from £4.99.

Instagram: @rkay333

"These candles are handmade and have a wide fragrance list and lots of choice whether you prefer candles in jars, tea lights, wax melts, burners etc. They have the most amazing scent throw of any candles I have ever tried; when I burn their wax tarts in one room I can smell it throughout the whole house and the scent lasts for ages. They're excellent value for money, too."

Submitted by claremunster83.

5. Muji is a total fail-safe when it comes to affordable candles, with prices starting at £4.95 and often being lower when on offer!

"Muji candles are amazing, and vegan, too. They burn for ages and smell great."

Submitted by emilym4e44b3a39


6. Parkminster Products' natural soy candles are super affordable, starting at just £5, but look like they cost a lot more.

"My boyfriend got me a couple of these and I think they look so good and far more expensive than they are. Their scent is also incredibly long-lasting, as is the burning time, even for the little ones."

Submitted by Natalya Lobanova

7. Colton Candles make an excellent and thoughtful gift, with personalised candles starting at £11.99 and regular scented candles at £6.99.

"I discovered Colton candles at my local Christmas market last year. They have some unique scents and look amazing. They're the kind of candles you don't want to light because you're scared you'll ruin them."

Submitted by reethetree.

8. The Mrs. Meyers Clean Day candles are incredible and only cost around £7, and always seem to be in restaurants in New York, which is a cool vibe.

"Mrs. Meyers Clean Day soy candles have a very high essential oil content and quickly make any room smell delightful. They also last a very long time."

Submitted by PittPatt.

9. Asda is a great place to pick up some reasonably priced candles while you do your shop.

Instagram: @killinitbeauty

"Asda's Home Inspiration candles smell really good and, ranging in price from £6 to £13, they don't break the bank either."

Submitted by l419313cb2.


10. Ikea makes tons of candles in a huge array of scents, starting from just 50p!

"Ikea's cheap vanilla candles are surprisingly the smoothest, warmest, best-balanced vanilla scent I've ever found. They're usually about £1-£2 each."

Submitted by PuffintheCat.

"Ikea. Hear me out, they legit have the best pillar and scented candles. Can't beat the smell and quality vs the price."

Submitted by audreyvanr.

11. The Our Own Candle Company are not only excellent candles, but you also have a handy mason jar at the end of it.

Instagram: @thecandlereviewer_

"Our own candle company! You can get them on Amazon. They last a long time and smell great, plus they have pun-y names."

Submitted by Kimone H. Kocica, Facebook.

12. Spitalfields Candles smell incredible and look super stylish.

"I love Spitalfields candles and the little ones aren't too pricey at £10.99. The grapefruit one is my favourite."

Submitted by Ailbhe Malone.

13. This Aldi candle is a fantastic dupe for the much pricier Jo Malone Lime, Basil & Mandarin candles. It only costs £3.99, too!

"This candle is a perfect dupe at a tenth of the price! Unfortunately, Aldi don't have an online presence so you can only buy this if you see it in store. You can also find it on eBay for a slightly inflated, but still very reasonable price."

Submitted by Natalya Lobanova.


14. Wax Lyrical Fired Earth candles are readily available and smell fantastic.

"They burn really well and smell amazing, plus you can get them from Waitrose so I always grab one when I do a big shop. They cost around £8.50, but they do last a long time and are of a good quality!"

Submitted by Remee Patel

15. And of course, pop into TK Maxx and Home Sense, because they always have a huge range of discounted candles.

"I can never go into a TK Maxx without buying a few candles. They have all these fancy ones for no more than $10!"

Submitted by alyssapc

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