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    Bennifer Is Instagram Official, And I'm Actually Shaking


    It's here. It's here. The day that was prophesied long ago is finally here.

    The Office

    Nature is healing.

    I'm talking about Bennifer. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck together. Reunited in 2021, like it's 2004.

    Bennifer on the Oscars red carpet in 2003
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    They've literally done everything BUT confirm their relationship. We've seen them together on cute dates, spontaneous trips to Montana and Miami, and at each other's homes. Oh, and they were possibly (*definitely*) sharing clothes.

    After giving us so much PDA, but staying relatively quiet on the subject (I'm looking at you, Miss Jenny from the Block!), J.Lo posted a steamy kiss of the two on her Instagram.

    Jennifer Lopez / Ana Caraballosa / Instagram

    The singer and actor, who captioned the photo "52...what it do...💗" in reference to her birthday, looked absolutely stunning in her red-and-yellow two-piece bathing suit.

    But J.Lo tried to bury the lede! The photo was the fourth and last picture in the slide. Saving the best for last, I guess?

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    I mean, if it was my birthday, I would probably put myself first too.

    OK, bye, much to think about! Still haven't heard from either of them really! But will let you know if they do! Ah!

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