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    Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Embracing In A New Pic Together, And This Is What I Needed Today

    It's almost too much to handle.

    So, technically speaking, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have yet to publicly confirm a rekindling of their early 2000s romance in the present day.

    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck attend a film premiere in 2003

    Jen and Ben costarred in a couple of movies together way back when, including the 2003 comedy-drama Jersey Girl. Ben also famously appeared in his then-partner's timeless "Jenny from the Block" music video one year earlier.

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are pictured while filming Jersey Girl in New York City

    The two were briefly engaged between 2002 and 2004, but postponed their wedding ceremony before ultimately ending the relationship altogether.

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are pictured smiling at an event in 2003

    Of course, as we know, it really looks like Bennifer has returned from a decades-long hiatus in 2021.

    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck attend a Red Sox game in 2003

    Both halves of the pairing continue to dodge direct questions about the Bennifer revival everyone is rooting for, even as the likelihood of its existence has, more or less, become fact.

    Jennifer Lopez performs onstage

    Willing as we are to accept that Bennifer 2.0 is real without explicit verification, it's always fun when new snaps of Jennifer and Ben surface to fuel our fantasies. The first photos of them to appear on social media arrived yesterday, thanks to Leah Remini's recent birthday party montage.

    The actor shared a slideshow of gorgeous pics from her party last month, which Jennifer and Ben both attended, on Instagram.

    Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini pose together in a photo booth

    And — drumroll please — here's one of Bennifer looking perfect in black-and-white beside Leah.

    Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, and Leah Remini pose together in a photo booth

    I'm just going to leave you with that since it's a lot to take in. Please feel free to analyze the body language pictured here to your heart's content in the comments below.