Jennifer Lopez Gave A Very Coy Response To A Question About Her Relationship With Ben Affleck

    "You can call me. You have my number!"

    Jennifer Lopez isn't ready to spill the tea about her relationship with Ben Affleck just yet.

    Jennifer smiles while looking up at Ben in an old photo

    When Jennifer was recently asked about their budding romance, she had a pretty cheeky response.

    It all went down while Jennifer was appearing on Today to celebrate the re-release of her song "Love Makes the World Go Round."

    A screenshot of the interview between Hoda and Jennifer

    "You look happier. Look, I just have to tell you, every time I see a picture of you and Ben, I'm like, 'She looks happier. She looks happier.' Are we happier?” host Hoda Kotb asked.

    Jennifer gives a big smile while sitting at a dinner table

    "I am happy! I'm always happy when you see me, Hoda," Jennifer responded.

    She continued, "The song is out, five years since we’ve done it. And I believe that that message of loving one another and coming together and love is never more relevant than it is right now."

    Jennifer smiles softly while wearing a long sleeve dress with silver beading and a plunging neckline

    While Jennifer seemingly admitted love was an important aspect of her life right now, Hoda continued to press and reminded her that it was a conversation between friends.

    Jennifer and Hoda pose together at an old event

    "I know. You can call me. You have my number!" Jennifer cheekily retorted.

    While Hoda may eventually get the Ben and Jen gossip on that private phone call, it sounds like the details of their relationship are still off limits in interviews!

    Hear all that Jennifer had to say below.

    .@hodakotb catches up with @JLo and @Lin_Manuel, who are re-releasing their charity single “Love Make the World” to mark the five-year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

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