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    28 Useful Products Under $10 Our Readers Actually Swear By

    Worth it? Check. Cheap? Check.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community (and asked again!) for the best products they'd ever bought for $10 or less. Here are the results!

    1. A two-pack of ~Mighty Handles~ because you have better things to do than make multiple trips between your kitchen and the trunk of your car after grocery shopping.

    2. A flexible garlic roller that peels multiple cloves of garlic in, like, thirty seconds or less.

    3. An alcohol-free toner made with witch hazel, rose petal water, and vitamin E so you can help tame your skin's redness and breakouts.

    4. A pack of hydrocolloid pimple patches you can apply at bedtime to help cut the time you have to deal with acne in half, because they help suck out all the gunk overnight.

    5. A press-on manicure pack that can actually last for an entire week without damaging your nails even a little bit.

    6. Some satin pillowcases so you never again discover weird alien language–like crease patterns stamped across your face when you look in the mirror in the morning.

    7. A bottle of skin-repairing lotion to smooth even the driest skin, or even help seriously relieve your eczema.

    8. A single balm you can use to replace your lip balm, moisturizer, cuticle oil, foot creams, hand lotions, and more. It even works for flyaways in your hair, or as a beard balm.

    9. An extendable grabber tool you can use to coax things like your keys out from behind your couch and other hard-to-get places.

    10. A classic dry shampoo with over 5,000 positive Amazon reviews because no one wants to wash their hair THAT often and it just plain works.

    11. A brown sugar bear, so you never discover that your bag of brown sugar somehow transformed into an impenetrable rock. Or if your sugar's in that sorry state already, it'll soften it up for you again overnight!

    12. A compact portable charger so you can always have that peace of mind that comes with a fully-charged phone, even at midnight on a Friday.

    13. A scraper for your stove and counter because it will help you get your kitchen clean so much faster by beating back tough cooked on, dried out–food, leaving you more leisure time to y'know, relax.

    14. A koozie that fits around a pint of ice cream so you can take your time eating your rocky road while your hands stay nice and warm.

    15. A tinted lip balm with SPF 15 so you know the delicate skin on your mouth is extra protected from the sun, both in the summer months and through the rest of the year.

    16. Or some O'Keeffe's lip balm because it genuinely does what it says it will: moisturize and repair your dried, cracked pout so it finally stops flaking and peeling.

    17. A keyboard cover to protect your laptop from all sorts of gross invasive things, from dog hair to dripped tea to chip crumbs.

    18. A bar of African black soap that helped at least one person with the bumps on the back of their arms.

    19. A detangling hair brush with special flexible bristles for smoothing your post-shower hair while minimizing any breakage or damage.

    20. An easy connect palm size—bluetooth speaker that can turn any small gathering into a party by just adding music.

    21. A clip-on strainer — it makes it super easy to drain your cooked pasta when it reaches that perfect al dente.

    22. A small dry erase board perfect for anyone who likes to jot down temporary to-dos and notes.

    23. A set of stainless steel straws so you can keep a few at home and a few in your car — then turn down any plastic straw that comes your way.

    24. A Scotch tape handband that takes regular tape and makes it even more convenient — you'll never have to search for it under a pile of wrapping paper.

    25. A dual-sided pumice bar — it's the exact same one used in many salons to quickly and painlessly eliminate any calluses on your feet, so they're super smooth and soft.

    26. Cell phone rings you can stick on your case to ease your worries about dropping your favorite device.

    27. A handheld folding fan that works wonders when you're stuck anywhere uncomfortably warm, which this summer has happened more often than it probably should.

    28. A weather app with a sarcastic personality to amuse you even when it's kind of terrible outside.

    You, buying almost everything here BUT spending way less than you expected you might, then looking at your checking account:

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