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What's The Most Useful Product You've Ever Bought For $10 Or Less?

We want to know all of your recs!

What's the best product you've ever bought that cost you $10 or less? And why was it worth every penny?

Maybe it was something relaxing: like a face mask set that you used to take a little time to unwind throughout a stressful finals week, and that seriously hydrated your skin.

Or maybe it was something useful around the house, like this set of two scrubby brushes that can banish grime from almost any nook or cranny.

Is it something that just plain brings you joy but is still so functional you've used it basically every day for the past year, like this set of six animal-shaped snack clips?

A product that actually helped you overcome some physical discomfort, like this deep-tissue massage ball that makes all the difference in your foot and heel pain?

Or does it appeal to your fandom and your favorite meal of the day in the best way, like these droid cereal bowls do?

Or is it a dress? A kitchen gadget? Something else entirely?

Tell us about the best thing (or things!) you've ever bought for $10 or less AND write a sentence or two (or three!) about why it's so great, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!