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44 Under-$20 Gift Exchange Gifts Pretty Much Anyone Would Love To Receive

No idea what to get your Secret Santa? This'll cover you, from bath bombs to cute playing cards to chocolate bars from the UK to a scratch-off movie poster and more.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

1. A Loch Ness monster tea infuser plus a bag of loose-leaf tea to strike the perfect balance between cute and sophisticated.


Get them from Amazon: Nessie for $14 and a bag of Chamomile Lavender tea for $4.99 (also available in blueberry hibiscus and many other flavors; one 0.9oz bag makes about 15 cups of tea).

2. The Bob's Burgers Burger Book, which will appeal to both fans of the show AND anyone who loves burgers...which in my experience, is most people. (Will also appeal to pun-lovers!)

Universe Publishing

It's packed with creative recipes from the show, like the "New Bacon-ings Burger," the "Poutine on the Ritz Burger," and the "Sweet Home Avocado Burger."

Promising review: "This cookbook is better than it has any right to beef. It's not only a gouda read, but it has egg-celent recipes. It's a great topic piece at patties, too. Make sure you pickle this up, you'll relish it for years to cumin." —David

Get it from Amazon for $14.59.

3. A sloth mug so cute I dare anyone to say one bad thing about it — the sloth literally *hugs* whatever beverage they're entrusted with to keep it nice and warm.

Urban Outfitters

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $16.

4. A 100 movies scratch-off poster that turns the regular old Friday night "oh, let's just stay in and watch a movie" into a journey to be accomplished.

Poster grid; hand scratching one square to reveal iconic art from the movie
Uncommon Goods

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $15. (Which leaves you a little extra $$ to spend on a box of microwave popcorn to go with it!) Also available for $15: 100 books or 100 kids books.

5. A set of four cinnamon bun soaps or four chicken wing soaps — they look so realistic you just might have to remind them not to try and take a bite.

AubreyEApothecary / Etsy

Get them from AubreyEApothecary on Etsy: four cinnamon buns for $9.50 and four of the chicken wings for $9.95.

6. A glass pickle ornament so they can start the tradition in their home: "Santa" (or someone in the family) hides the pickle somewhere in the tree on Christmas Eve, and whoever finds it first in the morning gets good luck for the year or gets to unwrap a special gift from under the tree (or gets whatever their family decides).

the ornament

Apparently it originated with people trying to sell glass ornaments in the 1800s, but it's a fun tradition just the same!

Promising review: "My daughters and I started the pickle tradition this year — it was really hard to find this ornament in the tree! They had fun hunting and I had fun watching them. It has a very old look to it, but it’s not too fragile." —Susie Wilson

Get it from Amazon for $12.24.

7. A Buttercream Icing 101 kit that anyone in the group who obsessively watches The Great British Baking Show or any of the holiday baking competitions on The Food Network is basically guaranteed to want.


It comes with pretty much everything they'd need to successfully practice their buttercream decorating skills with very little hassle: six icing bags and three different-shaped icing tips, three colors of food coloring, rainbow sprinkles, and buttercream icing mix. They'll be on their way to their very own baking competition show before they know it!

Get it from Wilton for $14.99, or order it for free in-store pickup at your local Walmart for $9.89 (also available: kits for candy making, for decorating with either royal icing or fondant, and kits where you make a succulent cookie or royal icing coffee mug–shaped cookies. See them all at Wilton or Walmart).

8. A pack of dog playing cards with an illustration of a different breed on each and every card, for those after-dinner poker games that have more bark than bite.

Metal case and five cards from the set; Ace of clubs is a West Highland Terrier

Each card has a description of each breed, too; for example, the Ace of Clubs, which is a West Highland Terrier (pictured above) says: "Small yet sturdy, friendly and tolerant."

Promising review: "Adorable and perfect as a gift! I bought these for my grandma. They’re standard-sized playing cards and come in a cute tin. The images printed on the cards are crisp and high resolution, and they’re just plain cute!" —Spark

Get them from Amazon for $12.99 (also available with cats).

9. A couch coaster-meets-cupholder to enable the laziest weekend afternoons, because they won't even have to reach over to the coffee or side table to enjoy another sip.

The Grommet

Plus, it works on basically any sofa with a wide-enough armrest.

Promising review: "I bought one of these a few years ago and love it! It's weighted enough that it sits nicely on the arm of the couch or even the back of the couch. At a party last years some friends saw it and really like it so I bought these for Christmas gifts for them." —Randi

Get it from The Grommet for $19.95 (four colors available but currently backordered) or from Amazon for $25 (five colors available).

10. A little screaming goat who's fairly straightforward — simply press on him, and he lets out a bleaty yell basically guaranteed to make whoever hears it laugh (and feel at least a little better about their situation).


Promising review: "This little guy has put a smile on the face of everyone who has met him. Affectionately known in our house as 'Scruffy,' this item was a wonderful gag gift for anyone who loves goats or has a good sense of humor. The book is entertaining and surprisingly well made and designed. Perfect stocking stuffer or just-because surprise." —Faith Marlow

Get it from Amazon for $7.02.

11. A box full of 10 of the bestselling British candy bars, for a sweet little taste of life across the pond.

The box and full-size candybars

It comes with a Flake, a Picnic, a Crunchie, a Starbar, a Dairy Milk, a Dairy Milk Caramel, a Double Decker, a Wispa, a Twirl, and a Curlywurly.

Promising review: "Seriously, these candy bars are amazing! My personal favorite so far was the Starbar — peanut butter, caramel, rice crispy pieces, chocolate... What's not to love, really? Why the heck don't they sell these in America, dammit?! I threw mine in the fridge as soon as I got them. I pull one out about a couple of minutes before I eat it, so it's still cool and doesn't melt all over the place." —So & So So & So

Get it from Amazon for $13.29.

12. An Animal Crossing notebook and Nook's Cranny pin because you get regular updates from them about their progress toward getting a 5-star island, who is moving out and moving in, and how much they made in the stalk market each week.

Box Lunch, BoxLunch

Get them from Box Lunch: the notebook for $12.90 and the Nook's Cranny pin for $8.90.

13. A set of 16 hydrating sheet masks perfect for post-holiday de-stressing, especially when paired with a hot bath and a $10 bottle of wine (or a re-gifted mug for their cup of tea!)

Amazon, Samantha Wieder / BuzzFeed

Promising review: "This contains a great assortment of masks. Most seemed to have a fruit base. The sheets were easy to unfold and put on. I find they don't stay on the face when sitting or walking around, so this is a lay down and relax mask. There was a lot of concentrate in it but a minimal smell. It was very light and natural smelling, not like a perfume. This sheet has eye folds; you can either leave then down or you can fold over your eyes. (This is the first sheet I have used that had this feature and it was great.) The mask left my skin soft and smooth and felt wonderful on. It had a cooling effect that was very soothing while wearing it." —Elizabeth Cameron

Get the pack from Amazon for $11.45.

Samantha, a writer here at BuzzFeed, has actually tried these masks and loves them! She says that, despite her normally sensitive skin, "these face masks have ZERO negative effects and they actually have POSITIVE effects! They hydrate my skin and leave it feeling firmer." Read her full Dermal Face Mask Review for more.

14. Or a set of six tennis-ball-sized bath bombs that'll let whoever you give 'em to spend many relaxing hours fizzing the evening away, all while moisturizing their skin.

The bath bombs, each wrapped in brown paper

Promising review: "I didn't expect to like them as well as I do. We have used the Lush ones before, which are cuter (hey, they make them look like carrots for Easter), these are all white and round, but they do smell great and feel great in the water. At least the two boxes I used fizzed nicely, as I had hoped. They also DID NOT leave the bathtub slippery as some of the others I have used did." —C. Brennan

Get them on Amazon for $19.89.

15. A sheet of Meg Thee Stallion or Beyoncé stickers so they can proclaim their fandom from their laptop, phone case, planner, snail-mail, journal, and anywhere else they can think of.

Stylish Sista / Etsy

Stylish Sista is a Black-owned business based in Brooklyn, and my colleague Kayla loves their stuff! Here's what she had to say: "I recently found StylishSista on Etsy and her shop has so many cool stickers and prints! I have already placed multiple orders and everything has arrived exactly as expected. Her artwork is cute and fun and really aligns with my style."

Promising review (from the Meg Thee Stallion set): "I love it so so so so so much! The designs are so adorable and well done, the quality of the product itself is perfect and the stickers look so great on my computer and phone! Thank you!!!" —Tati

Get either them from StylishSista on Etsy for $4.99+: either Meg Thee Stallion or Beyoncé (available in either glossy or matte). Or check out all the other options (like Nicki Minaj and Harry Styles sheets, or options for custom stickers) in the StylishSista Etsy shop!

And for more, check out a bunch of other excellent Black-Owned Womxn Etsy Shops!

16. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that experienced home chefs and newbies will obsess over alike — it makes adding just the right flavor to all kinds of dishes (from fruit to chicken to ice cream and, yes, pizza) almost too easy.

Bottle of honey pouring on a pepperoni pizza

Promising review: "It's just the right amount of heat to make it interesting, but not so hot that it'll interfere with other flavors. One of my peeves about spicy versions of normally non-spicy items is that it's often all about the heat but the flavors imparted by the chiles aren't particularly noticeable or interesting. This honey has a great chile FLAVOR to it, in addition to the heat, but it doesn't overwhelm the flavor of the honey at all. I like it on buttered toast and on fried chicken equally well, and this has definitely become a staple 'sauce' for me!" —S. Ferguson

Get a bottle from Amazon for $9.99.

17. A super-functional multitool decked out in all the colors of the rainbow for something both beautiful and practical.


It has six sizes of hex keys, a flat head, a star head, and a Phillips head — meaning it's a perfect replacement for the random collection of screwdrivers in their junk drawer.

Promising review: "Colorful and cute, and ridiculously efficient. Heavy duty and as well made as my real Allen wrench set. Saves you from 'borrowing' your partner’s tools for silly things like the loose cabinet screws you asked them to fix like 100 times. I mean, can you be mad that you fixed it when you’re holding a well designed rainbow multitool in your hand? No. Cons: you may be mocked for your rainbow tool. But not when you fix stuff. Also (possibly a Pro here) no one will 'borrow' your colorful tool." —lo_fer

Get it from Amazon for $13.72.

18. A pair of fuzzy PJ pants in penguin or snowflake print so they can dream wintry dreams while staying extra cozy and warm.


Get them from Rue 21: the penguin print or the snowflake print for $14.99 (both available in women's sizes XS-XL).

19. A moon lamp sure to enchant all ages — especially if you demonstrate its glow in the moment. Dim the overhead lights, then ask them to turn it on.

the small globe light that does look like the moon, balanced on the included stand

Just charge it before you wrap it, and it'll be good to ~glow~! Many people use it as a nightlight: it charges for up to three hours, so it can glow for up to 10 hours. Oh, and if you tap it, you can change the color of the light from yellow to white (and back again).

Promising review: "Absolutely lovely! I recently moved bedrooms in my house and trying to theme my bedroom more for relaxation. This light is just gorgeous and looks like a real, miniature moon when it glows. When I sleep I like my room to be completely dark and without any noise besides some white noise. I use the warm light mode because it's pretty and dimmer than the white light mode. Lovely, lovely, lovely!" —Tabitha

Get it on Amazon for $17.99+ (available in three sizes).

20. A set of star, eye, heart, diamond (shape) and other earrings because most people find joy in a little bit of sparkle.


This will get them started with that layered minimalist jewelry look so many people are loving these days.

Get the set of 12 pairs from Nordstrom for $15.

21. A pair of socks and six boxes of Bertie Botts guaranteed to go over extremely well with any Harry Potter fan., Amazon

Get them on Amazon: the socks are $5.99 (available in three colors) and six boxes of the Every-Flavor Beans are $12.25.

Editor's Note: BuzzFeed does not support discriminatory or hateful speech in any form. We stand by the LGBTQ+ community and all fans who found a home in the Harry Potter series and will work to provide a safe space for fans. If you, like us, feel impassioned about trans rights, learn more or donate here.

22. A bathroom guest book because the best parts of any gift exchange are the moments when every single person's laughing, and this most definitely will make that happen.

The teal book with gold embossed text on the cover, looking fancy

PLUS it's hilarious inside: each page invites guests to check off a song that describes their bathroom visit, contribute a little doodle, fill out a report card about the bathroom they're in, among other random things!

Promising review: "I bought this book as a dirty Santa gift for my office party. Of course, the hostess with the mostest was the one that opened it, which only made the moment that much sweeter. We all passed it around and had a good laugh over the ridiculous entries you can fill out. I've been in bathrooms where these are actually used and it's definitely something you never forget. Just make sure you have a pen and some hand sanitizer nearby." —Kimberly Gula

Get it on Amazon for $15.

23. A leopard print scarf to go with basically any outfit they put on, so they're always cozy warm *and* stylish in the chilly winter temps.

model wearing fringed scarf with large print

Get it from Lulu's for $18.

24. A pair of oven mitts that make pulling hot dishes out of the oven completely bear-able.

A model wearing the two mitts; they're brown, they have black pads and claws on the fingers (and pads on the palms, too)

Promising review: "Bear with me a second. My wife can bear-ly contain how much she enjoys cooking with her bear hands. These oven mitts are comparable to consumer grade ones available at any retail store. They are insulated sufficiently for short term use moving items to and from the oven and range." —J. Taylor

Get them on Amazon for $19.62 (also available in polar bear).

25. A colorful 8x10 art print, which will definitely earn a prime spot on their apartment's gallery wall and make them think of you every time they look at it.

Dorcas Creates / Society 6

Get them from Dorcas Creates on Society 6 for $19.99: The woman here and the flowers here. Or see all 19 8x10 prints she has available here! Note: You have to order December 14th to receive by the 24th!

26. A rechargeable LED ring light that clips right on your smartphone to upgrade selfies, food photos, and any other pics you take close up.


You charge it with a USB, and it has three different light settings so you can always adjust it to the perfect level.

Promising review: "Right out of the box it was easy to use and I was taking amazing pictures with my iPhone like I never had before. A lot of power in a tiny package; it's easy to slip into my purse or pocket and I take it with me everywhere my phone goes so I'm always ready to grab the perfect shot. Love it!" —Allison C.

Get it on Amazon for $15.99.

27. A fuzzy grey throw blanket so incredibly soft anyone who touches is it will say "oooh" and "ahhh" and then immediately want it for themselves.

The blanket draped across a chair; it has slight stripes in its pattern

And yep, it's machine washable!

Promising review: "LOVE IT! The blanket is super soft and warm. I washed it as directed (cold water, separate on gentle cycle + low heat dry) and it did not lint up like other blankets I have used. I mostly use this blanket for when I'm sitting at my desk doing homework/studying. It's great to keep your legs warm or wrap yourself up like a burrito and keep your upper body warm. Definitely would recommend!" —D.H.

Get it on Amazon for $13.99 (available in eight colors).

28. Several pairs of fun printed socks because of everything I received last Christmas, I hands-down use the socks the most. Seriously, they're one of the most underrated gifts!

J. Crew Factory

Get them from J. Crew Factory for $3/pair: the leopard, the sledding dogs, or see all the available options.

29. A set of four photo coasters they'll be able to customize with their favorite Instas. It's the gifting triple-whammy: decorative, functional, and personal.

Kids photos in each of the four square, glass-topped coasters

If yours happens to be a friends or family exchange, you could totally put at least one or two good group photos in before you wrap 'em!

Get a pack of four on Amazon for $14.99.

30. A pair of taco socks and a taco enamel pin (on a cute card!) because tacos are the best kind of food, don't even try and argue with me.

Yellow Owl Workshop, Melanie Riccardi / Yellow Owl Workshop

Get them from Yellow Owl Workshop: women's socks or men's socks for $10.95 each, or the enamel pin card for $11.50.

31. A party game called One Night Ultimate Werewolf that can be the next activity once you finish the gift exchange: reviewers say it's easy to learn, takes *maximum* 15 minutes to play (and usually 5-10), and most importantly is loads of fun!

The game box front cover

Basically, each player is given a single card, which they secretly view, giving them a special power to help the Villager or Werewolf team. Then you press a button on the app to walk you through the ~night phase~ in just a few minutes; after that, everyone has five minutes to figure out who the Werewolf might be! I could see this working on a group video call, too, although one person would have to run the game and secretly let each player know their team (via text, perhaps).

Promising review: "This game is a blast. Our kids can’t wait to play it again. We sat down the other night just to play a round or two and two hours later we were still captivated and playing. We love that it goes fast which allows you to play just one round when you have just a few minutes or to play multiple rounds. The app that comes with it is ingenious as it takes you through the night phase. We appreciated the little comical lines that occasionally come out in the app. Try adding all the characters to all the different games/expansion packs and listen to what the app says. My kids laughed and laughed." —Sheldon Nixon

Get it on Amazon for $23.50.

You could also consider Codenames, another popular party game, if your quarantine bubble hasn't played it yet — it's $14.88 on Amazon.

32. Or Listicles By BuzzFeed for anyone who's always looking for something fun, hilarious, and new to do in their video calls with friends and family.

The game box, cards, pencils, timer, die, and pads for making lists

Every round you pull a topic card like "Celebrities Who Probably Smell Good" and "Insults That Don’t Contain A Curse Word" and each person makes a list of their best answers (unique ones score the most points!) before the timer runs out!

Promising review: "This game has quickly replaced Quiplash in my Zoom hangouts with friends...the categories are really funny and really bring out the inner weirdo in everyone. It's also a pretty simple game that you can play a number of ways...sometimes we just shout things out and kind of play like Five Second Rule. Highly recommend for a night of laughs!" —Target Customer

Get it from Target for $19.99.

33. A sequin pillow cover (and insert) with an irresistible sparkly pull — whoever you give it to probably won't be able to keep their hands off of it all night.


Make sure to stuff the insert into the cover before you wrap it!

Promising review: "Fun for kids, glam for grown ups! I love this pillow cover! A friend got me one of the creepy Nic Cage ones for Christmas. I work with kids, so I brought it to the office, thinking kids would have a fun time with it. As it turns out, they had entirely TOO much fun, and it was getting in the way of my work, so I had to take Nic Cage out of the equation and bought this one to replace it. The kids still have a great time switching the sequin colors over from gold to white, and writing "secret" messages in the sequins, but it's 100% less distracting when there isn't a creepy face hidden underneath the sequins. Highly recommend!" —Chelsea

Get them both on Amazon: the cover for $8.96+ (available in three sizes) and the insert for $9.75 (available in five sizes).

34. A pair of adorable (and practical!) pufferfish or cactus dryer buddies to add a sprinkle of delight to their typical laundry chores.


Promising review: "Update! 2019: We’ve had these for almost two years and they look nearly new with only slight scuffing (to be expected from bouncing around the dryer so much). They still do the job perfectly and we have since bought these as a standard housewarming gifts for friends.

Original review 2017: These do an amazing job knocking all of the dog hair out of our fleece blankets." —Gooj

Get them from Amazon: the puffer fish or the cacti for $9.50 a pair.

35. A pack each of scrunchies and hair clips because you know they LOVE to accessorize, and there's way more to the world of accessorizing than your basic jewelry and scarves!

Old Navy

Promising review (for the scrunchies): "I get so many compliments on these scrunches! They're soft and they are cute either on your wrist or in your hair. I like that it actually holds if you put your hair in a braid or up in a ponytail." —Staci

Get them from Old Navy: the scrunchies for $8 and the hair clips for $10.

36. A bacon and bourbon soy candle — for extra laughs and deliciousness you could *also* include a full pound of bacon to go along with it.

Two candles: one with a white label with handwritten font, one with kraft paper label with all-caps stamped font
SilverDollarCandleCo / Etsy

Promising review: "Amazing scent. I got this for my wife for Christmas and I might have to steal it from her. The packaging was perfect. The item arrived quickly and exactly as described. I was a little worried about the scent because some alcohol-based scents can be very harsh. This is a perfect blend of smoky bacon and rich bourbon and I can't wait until she opens it." —Patrie Davis

Get it from SilverDollarCandleCo on Etsy for $19.95 (available in two label styles).

37. Or a couple of hand-poured soy candles in more classic scents like Christmas Tree and Gingerbread House so they can infuse their entire house with the smells of the holidays, whether or not they have an actual tree and/or are baking cookies this year.

Pretty Honest / Etsy

These have wood wicks, so they can enjoy a soft crackle sound throughout the candles 20 hours of burn time. Pretty Honest is a Black-owned small business based in Charlotte, NC!

Promising review: "This candle smells so good and has just the right amount of throw: you can always smell it but it's never too strong." —Elly Thorsen

Get them from Pretty Honest on Etsy for $10.20 each: either Christmas Tree or Gingerbread House. Or check out the other available scents!

38. An on-the-go pour-over mug any coffee snob/lover would instantly be thrilled about, because it makes drinking delicious coffee super simple.


They'll simply insert the filter in the top of the mug, add two scoops of ground coffee, then gradually pour the boiling water over the coffee, and voila!

Promising review: "I decided to get this instead of a small french press. I'm glad I did. It's easy to use and easy to clean. Yes, you need to pour the water over the filter slowly.. and let it sit between pours, But 2 tablespoons of ground coffee makes a great cup in less than four minutes." —A. Wisdom

Get it on Amazon for $19.99.

39. A drill brush set that makes it incredibly easy to clean up grime from grout, stoves, bathtubs, car rims, and anything that would otherwise require limitless elbow grease.


They'll get one 2-inch diameter short round brush, one 4-inch diameter short round brush, and one 3-inch diameter domed brush.

Promising review: "I bought this on a whim because my walk-in shower is just a pain to clean. I'm 51 and I guess I've just been old school with how I clean, so hand scrubbing it was for years. The FIRST time I used this to clean my shower it took five minutes AND it scrubbed my shower more clean than it has been in years. In the corners, the floor, the glass door...everything came out squeaky clean. I'm NEVER cleaning my shower by hand again." —Terry

Get them on Amazon for $10.16 (available in soft, medium, stiff, and ultra stiff).

40. A set of woodland creatures bag clips you can pair with a few bags of favorite snacks for something both tasty and "aww!"-worthy.

the clips on bags; three foxes and three hedgehogs, each a different color

Promising review: "I bought these on a whim because they were really cute. They turned out to be really useful and hold tight to everything I've tried to close. I find myself smiling whenever I stick on to something new! The serotonin and dopamine this small purchase has given me was worth the money." —Azuquita

Get them on Amazon for $3.99.

41. A keychain and enamel pin featuring The Child that'll be perfect for that person who has to hold in a squeal of delight every time Baby Yoda appears on their screen. (Which is a lot lately, considering they've just rewatched season 1 and are making their way through season 2).


Get them from Toynk for $9.99 each: the keychain and the enamel pin.

42. A coloring book packed with a million dogs or a million cats that is sure to get very meow-rry reception, whichever one you choose.

Lark Crafts

Get them on Amazon for $6.99 each: the dog version or the cat version (there's also a Christmas cats version). And don't forget the colored pencils! You can get a pack of 64 colors for $7.99.

Or get them from Barnes & Noble for $9.94 each: the dog version, the cat version, and a set of 30 colored pencils for $14.99.

43. A Golden Girls Chia Pet perfect for those who can't stop binge-watching the series as their quarantine antidote.

The clay rose Chia Pet, with a hair full of sprouted chia

I wouldn't give this to anyone who wasn't a diehard fan of the show, though!

Get them from Amazon: Rose, Blanche, Sophia, or Dorothy for $19.95 each.

44. An Amazon gift card for $20 — literally every person loves money they get to decide how to spend.

A gift card in a box with a bow

Get one, of course, on Amazon.

Because sometimes *giving* gifts is just as fun as receiving them!

Boomerang /

The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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