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    42 Little Gifts Under $10 Anyone Would Love To Receive

    Fun, affordable ideas they'll love.

    1. A set of 10 unicorn-horn makeup brushes to add a little bit of fantastical whimsy to any beauty newbie's collection.

    2. A wine aerator that goes directly into the bottle, so they can pour as usual but enjoy the ~upgraded~ taste (no matter how cheap or fancy their bottle happens to be).

    3. A little animal cord protector to fiercely guard their fraying charger cable from further damage.

    4. A tile-patterned monogrammed mug so they can start their mornings feeling like they've stepped into their favorite French patisserie.

    5. A pack of 16 hydrating sheet masks with over 1200 positive reviews — it's the closest you can get to giving them the gift of soft and glowing skin.

    6. A 52-week gratitude journal so they can spend a few minutes each morning or evening jotting down all the wonderful things in their life.

    7. An elegant metal hair claw that disguises what's actually an easy, lazy hairstyle as something a little fancy.

    8. A fill-in-the-blank book because you can customize it to reflect all the sweetness, goofiness, and happiness of your relationship with your S.O. — or your mom, or your grandparents, or your best friend.

    9. A bar of irreverent identity-based soaps (yes, soaps) because there's (probably) nothing better than laughing really hard with the person after they open their gift.

    10. A deck of cat-lovers playing cards for the meow-rriest post-holiday poker games you've had in years.

    Or a set of ~lenticular~ cat or dog (or shark!) cards to distract your fellow poker players with their holographic charm.

    11. A pack of four bath bombs that will fizz away stress and worries, one brightly-toned color at a time.

    12. A ring cleaning pen to help all of your married friends keep their wedding bling satisfyingly clean and sparkling.

    13. A pair of dangly leaf earrings because they want to broadcast their deep and enduring love of nature with anyone they come into contact with.

    14. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that experienced home chefs and newbies will obsess over alike — it makes adding just the right flavor to all kinds of dishes (from fruit to chicken to ice cream and, yes, pizza) almost too easy.

    15. A set of six little cute monster clips certain to make them say "Aww!!!!" out loud every time they open their pantry door.

    16. A clip-on, rechargeable selfie ring light so all your group selfies (and even their mouthwatering food photos) are always perfectly lit, even if you're eating at one of those restaurants that are so dimly-lit you almost trip over yourself.

    17. A pair of socks that any Potter-fan will treasure like they're priceless, the same way Dobby dearly loved his very first sock.

    18. A mini Sriracha keychain so they'll never be forced to choke down another meal without their favorite condiment ever again.

    19. A reversible-sequin ~mermaid~ pillow cover because it's practically impossible to have too much color and sparkle in life.

    20. A screwdriver keychain because there are countless opportunities to use a Phillips or flathead in everyone's life, but you just don't notice them until you actually have the tools.

    21. A pair of spiky dryer buddies who will be charming little laundry assistants and major money-savers, because they soften clothes without the need for softener or dryer sheets.

    22. A terracotta brown sugar bear that they simply soak in water, gently dry, then pack in with the brown sugar to keep it from hardening up into an impossible to use–rock.

    23. A highlighter kit with four luminescent, sparkling colors so they can shine like the superstar you know they are.

    24. A shiny mirror cube that will look pretty and interesting in any configuration, so they don't even have to be expert puzzle solvers to enjoy playing with it.

    25. A set of pavé star earrings so you can prove that you've known each other long enough to find them statement earrings that they love.

    26. A three-drawer acrylic bathroom or makeup organizer that will ~clearly~ help transform their current storage situation.

    27. Or a nine-slot palette sorter because you've seen the big pile of eyeshadows and blushes just lying out on their counter (and heard them talking about how much they want to fix that problem).

    28. An ice cream cozy to snugly fit around their favorite pint of Ben and Jerry's — they'll be able to eat as much as they want without their hands getting too cold OR the ice cream melting too quickly.

    29. A waterproof notepad and pencil because the thoughts we have in the shower shouldn't stay in the shower — it's where lots of people have their best ideas!

    30. A pack of three infinitely-reusable makeup removing cloths that require nothing but water to help their face be perfectly clean at the end of the day.

    31. A set of six cactus coasters happy to save your table from your hot cup of tea on chilly evenings, and then from your friends' cold beers on the first day of summer.

    32. A pen with a cap that looks like their favorite Harry Potter character's wand so they have an excuse to nerd out in everyday life (oh, and it comes with a little bookmark for their next re-read, too).

    33. A cupcake decorating kit for the frequent baker in your life who also secretly wishes they could live in a world where unicorns genuinely existed.

    34. A set of three brush attachments for their drill that will make cleaning caked-on grime incredibly fast and maybe even a little fun.

    35. A set of 15 pearl hair clips whether they like to make a statement with everything they wear or prefer to find little ways to dress up a classic t-shirt and jeans combo — who ever said you had to wear a dress to feel a little fancy?

    36. A friendly little pineapple pot whose mission in life is to keep someone company, be it at their kitchen table, work desk, or somewhere else entirely.

    37. A waffle soap or a set of chicken wing soaps because laughter and joy are the best medicines, and there's no way you and the person you give 'em to won't feel both the moment they open it.

    38. A best friends necklace for your work wife who will show anyone she can the latest adorable video of her pup.

    39. A microfiber towel turban that will minimize frizz without accidentally coming undone while they make their way through their meticulous, tried-and-tested skincare routine.

    40. Or a soft cat-ear headband to make them smile with delight when they slip it on to hold every strand of hair back when they wash their face in the evening, or when they apply their favorite face masks.

    41. A tear-off 2020 mini-calendar where every single day features a new adorable puppy (and occasionally a sweet quote about dogs) so they can start their mornings with a little dose of aww.

    42. Some mini enamel pins that come in packs of four to seven in 28 different themes, which means they can deck out their backpack, tote, gym bag, or denim jacket with little things that just bring them joy both because they like 'em and because you're the one who picked them out!

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