Martha Stewart Shared Where She Came Up With Her New Holiday Decor, And The Response Was Hilarious

    I seriously was not expecting her to say the "p-word."

    I firmly believe Martha Stewart, aka the "Queen of Thanksgiving," is a gift to the world.

    Closeup of Martha Stewart

    She's seriously always in the headlines, cracking me up, for being an absolute BOSS.

    Closeup of Martha Stewart

    Like that time when she balled TF out for the 2022 Super Bowl — celebrity friends and her PJ (aka private jet) included.

    When she posted another thirst trap of her topless in an apron to peddle some hot coffee.

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    An apron makes sense because the way she ate, she was not trying to leave any crumbs on that body-ody-ody.

    Or, when she shaded infamous serial dater, Pete Davidson, for "dating too many women" after people suggested they get together.

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    She still said he was cute, though.

    And let's not forget, there was that time when she went on a date with the rapper Yung Gravy.

    And now, she's shared a hilarious story about where her new 15-piece gold nativity set originated.

    Martha Stewart's nativity set

    She told Jimmy Fallon: "Well, I was at the very lovely federal 'camp' down in Alderson, West Virginia. They had a ceramics class."

    "Well, I was at the very lovely federal 'camp' down in Alderson, West Virginia. They had a ceramics class."

    "And I chose to spend my evenings making ceramics."

    Jimmy urged Martha to plug her ears before looking out to the audience and whispering, "Prison."


    Martha said she likes to think of other ways to describe it instead of saying the "P-Word," even referring to it as "Yale" at one point.

    Martha Stewart with Jimmy Fallon

    Ok, y'all. Low-key Martha's former prison "camp" is actually cute, all things considered.

    FPC Alderson

    But, I almost spit out my vanilla caramel chai with a splash of oat milk when she tried to remember why there were so many rooms full of ceramics at the prison. "Oh, actually, it was a girl's college before it was a 'P.'"

    Martha Stewart with Jimmy Fallon

    And finally, she told Jimmy to look at the bottom of the original ceramic statue she made. "That's my number!" she said proudly, referring to her inmate number.

    "That's my number!"

    Martha Stewart truly is a national treasure.

    Closeup of Martha Stewart

    Watch the full interview here:

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