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Martha Stewart Posted A Thirst Trap Of Her Topless In An Apron, And People Are Living For It


We all know THE Martha Stewart.

Closeup of Martha Stewart

She's been no stranger to serving thirst traps on the 'gram:

Seriously, she posted this one in 2020, remember?

Well, this week, the 81-year-old icon topped that thirst trap with this thirst VIDEO of her topless in an apron promoting Green Mountain coffee:

@marthastewart / Via

The vid went viral on Twitter with over 6 million views and 45,000 likes:

@marthastewart / Via Instagram: @marthastewart48

People were obsessed with the moment:

Looks like Martha Stewart has an OnlyFans now 👀🤣

@marthastewart / Via
Twitter: @BadBitchArnie / Via Instagram: @marthastewart48

Martha Stewart on demon time

Twitter: @vidsthatgohardd / Via Instagram: @marthastewart48

Some of the reactions I can't include because they're NSFW, but just take my word for it — they were highly complimentary of Martha.

So yeah, keep slaying, Martha. You're a queen.