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The 25 Best Buzzer Beaters Of 2013

He put the nail in the coffin!

25. Joe Johnson vs. Bucks

Johnson also hit the game-tying shot to send this into overtime. He was so clutch that day, y'all. So clutch.

24. Lance Stephenson vs. Heat

The Pacers ended up winning this game to tie the series 2-2. And, well, we know what happened after that...

23. Elena Delle Donne vs. Mercury

Oooh, spin move, spin move. Gotcha!

22. Quincy Pondexter vs. Thunder

Sure, it was only at the end of the 3rd quarter, but it's basically a half-court shot.

21. LaMarcus Aldridge vs. Mavericks

Before this, Aldridge nailed a game-tying three with 4.5 seconds left — his first three-pointer of the season. Nice timing, LaMarcus.

20. Jason Kidd vs. Bucks

Haha. Remember when Jason Kidd played basketball? Seems so long ago, right? LOL. Jason Kidd, you crazy.

19. Andre Iguodala vs. Thunder

"Kobe!" —Probably what Iguodala said as he fired that fadeaway.

18. Miles Dixon (Wright State) vs. Detroit

Miles Dixon has a better pivot foot than you. Fact.

17. Jeff Green vs. Heat

In Miami, over LeBron, with 0.6 seconds left. Color me impressed.

16. Jordan Crawford vs. Trail Blazers

Fun Fact: Crawford was 0-1 in the first half of this game with zero points.

15. Chris Paul vs. Grizzlies


14. Matthew Dellavedova (St. Mary's) vs. BYU

What's crazy is that BYU hit the seemingly game-winning shot with 2.5 seconds left, only to turn around and see Dellavedova sink this long three to win the game.

13. Roosevelt Jones (Butler) vs. Gonzaga


12. Marshall Henderson (Ole Miss) vs. Vanderbilt

If you don't think Marshall Henderson knew this was going in, then you know nothing about Marshall Henderson.

11. Ryan Broekhoff (Valparaiso) vs. Green Bay

This three sent Valparaiso into the Horizon League Championship, where they would go on to beat Wright State and become champs.

10. Chavaughn Lewis (Marist) vs. Iona

This 65-footer sent the game into double-overtime, where Marist eventually beat Iona 105-104.

9. Ben Brust (Wisconsin) vs. Michigan

Right before this, Michigan's Tim Hardaway Jr. hit a three with 2.4 seconds left on the clock. Wisconsin went on to win in overtime.

8. Monta Ellis vs. Rockets

What makes this shot great is that there is no way that should have gone in. To quote the late great Frank Sinatra, "But it did."

7. Trevor Releford (Alabama) vs. Georgia

Man, talk about a heartbreaker for Georgia. There's no way you think you're going to lose when you have the ball in a tie game with three seconds on the clock.

6. Wes Johnson vs. Spurs

This is why you always practice free throws, kids.

5. Tyler Griffey (Illinois) vs. Indiana

That back door cut, though.

4. This kid vs. Red Team

I love the one player on the red team who celebrates this ridiculous basket.

3. Frantz Massenat (Drexel) vs. Hofstra

He was double-teamed on this play. DOUBLE-TEAMED! When Frantz Massenat has the rock with the game on a line you need to be triple-teaming at an absolute minimum.

2. LeBron James vs. Pacers

Unless you're a Heat fan, this was the most frustrating play to watch unfold. HOW DO YOU LET LEBRON DO THAT?!

1. Khalil Edney (New Rochelle) vs. Mount Vernon

View this video on YouTube

This is arguably the most improbable buzzer beater in the history of buzzer beaters. And honestly, a GIF doesn't do it justice. You have to watch the video.

Honorable Mention: The WORST Buzzer Beater of 2013

Jarrett Jack vs. Thunder


Just missed it.