25 Times Basketball Players Totally Forgot How To Basketball

Take a lap, guys.

1. When Jarrett Jack tried to throw the basketball out of the arena.

ID: 2012909

2. When Amare Stoudamire decided he was so over playing defense.

ID: 2012910

3. When Nick Young forgot how to put the ball in the basket.

ID: 2012999

4. When Andrea Bargnani proved why he was a No. 1 draft pick.

ID: 2013740

5. When Marcin Gortat showed the world how not to do the Dream Shake.

ID: 2014485

6. When Vince Carter airballed this wide open layup.

ID: 2014577

7. When Rasheed Wallace forgot which basket to shoot at.

ID: 2015022

8. When Big Baby Davis forgot to jump higher.

ID: 2015027

9. When DeSagana Diop shot a free throw.

ID: 2015234

10. When Landry Fields earned every penny of his $20 million contract.

ID: 2015248

11. When J.J. Redick wore roller skates.

ID: 2015270

12. When Kendrick Perkins forgot who was on his team.

ID: 2020725

13. When the Bobcats chased this loose ball.

ID: 2020539

14. When this Atlanta guard just gave up.

ID: 2020610

15. When Isaiah Thomas decided he doesn’t want to play anymore.

ID: 2020782

16. When Samuel Dalembert forgot he wasn’t a point guard.

ID: 2021007

17. When the Chicago Bulls forgot they needed someone to inbound the ball.

ID: 2021165

18. When Marreese Speights forgot he wasn’t Superman.

ID: 2021191

19. When Andrew Bynum threw this perfect strike.

ID: 2021221

20. When the Timberwolves and Rockets did this.

ID: 2020880

21. When Trevor Ariza passed to a wide open fan in the 4th row.

ID: 2021085

22. When JaVale McGee forgot how to pass.

ID: 2015541

23. When JaVale McGee forgot how to drive.

ID: 2015573

24. When JaVale McGee forgot about goaltending.

ID: 2015620

25. When JaVale McGee forgot everything.

ID: 2015690

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