99 Of The Most Underrated Moments In Life

    "When you’re congested and finally get that sweet relief of being able to breathe through your nose again."

    1. Stepping on crunchy leaves.

    2. When you get something unstuck from your gums/teeth.

    3. When the crowd at a concert sings together.

    4. Scratching a mosquito bite.

    5. When you let out a fart that you've been holding in.

    6. Taking a deep breath in crisp air.

    7. Dipping your finger into melted wax and then peeling it off after it's hardened.

    8. Running your hand over newly-buzzed hair.

    9. When you're congested and finally get that sweet relief of being able to breathe through your nose again.

    10. The brief moment of silence when you're driving in heavy rain and go under a bridge.

    11. When a dog at a party likes you the best.

    12. Taking off wet socks after being in the rain or snow and putting on warm/dry ones.

    13. Getting a birthday card or package in the mail.

    14. Making the perfect grilled cheese.

    15. That brief moment when you flip over your pillow and it's slightly colder.

    16. Being able to poop without having to worry about anyone hearing you.

    17. Getting into bed with clean sheets.

    18. Finally getting water out of your ear.

    19. When you’re trying to sneeze and it finally happens.

    20. Hugging a towel right after it comes out of the dryer.

    21. Pulling your winter blanket out of the closet.

    22. The moment after you step way out of your comfort zone.

    23. Cuddling with someone you love.

    24. Opening a new can of tennis balls.

    25. Driving on an open road.

    26. Getting a new toothbrush.

    27. Opening a new book for the first time.

    28. Finishing a new book.

    29. When you hold off buying that too-expensive thing and it shows up on the sale rack a week later.

    30. Carving into a brand new jar of peanut butter.

    31. When you hit a long string of green lights.

    32. Taking your shoes off after a long day.

    33. When you're fast-forwarding through commercials and stop it right as your show comes back.

    34. Contagious laughter.

    35. Breaking the seal after you’ve been holding in your pee for a really long time.

    36. Seeing your food come to the table at a restaurant.

    37. When someone else plays with your hair.

    38. Finding a new song that you really love.

    39. Drinking something cold on a hot day.

    40. Drinking something hot on a cold day.

    41. Waking up in the morning after you just bought a new box of cereal.

    42. When you’re driving and the song ends right as you arrive at your destination.

    43. Getting everything you have to do for the day done before noon.

    44. When the bell rings on the last day of school.

    45. Stretching your legs and arms when you’re only half-awake.

    46. Listening to the rain.

    47. When you take a good picture.

    48. Getting a stain or mark out of something you thought was a lost cause.

    49. When you perfectly roast a marshmallow.

    50. A first kiss.

    51. Finishing a personal project.

    52. Taking the final bite of food that you’ve purposefully saved for last.

    53. The relief of finally being able to scratch a difficult spot.

    54. Hearing your name called for an achievement.

    55. When your crush smiles back.

    56. A good hug.

    57. A good cry.

    58. A winning bet.

    59. Seeing the lights of your hometown.

    60. Just yelling, randomly, for no real reason.

    61. Making someone smile.

    62. Making someone laugh.

    63. When your pet greets you.

    64. When room service arrives.

    65. Finding a quote that expresses exactly how you feel.

    66. Looking around your newly cleaned home.

    67. Tying a necktie correctly on the first try.

    68. When a movie ends and the theater is all silent.

    69. Wearing a freshly-washed pair of jeans.

    70. Filling up a cup to the top without it overflowing.

    71. When a really nice person laughs at your mean joke.

    72. When your Instagram likes change from names to numbers.

    73. When a verified person likes your tweet.

    74. Wearing new socks and underwear for the first time.

    75. Enjoying your own brand.

    76. When you peel off your nail polish.

    77. When you wake up in the morning to a brand new day.

    78. The feeling after you eat a healthy meal.

    79. Swimming in the ocean.

    80. Looking up at the stars on an exceptionally clear night.

    81. When you find a quarter on the ground.

    82. When you find money in your pocket.

    83. Cracking your knuckles.

    84. Biting into a grape and snapping the skin.

    85. Putting in a new pair of contact lenses.

    86. Finishing a race.

    87. Popping a pimple.

    88. Getting home after a long day and taking off your bra and unbuttoning your pants.

    89. Hitting the perfect tee shot.

    90. The feeling of sand running through your fingers.

    91. When it’s hot out and you step into an air conditioned room.

    92. When you're cutting something and your scissors start to glide.

    93. Peeling the plastic film off new appliances.

    94. The luxury of going back to sleep when you could just wake up.

    95. Cancelled plans when you didn’t want to go in the first place.

    96. When a song comes on and you feel like you're in your own music video.

    97. When you finally have a breakthrough in something you've been trying to learn.

    98. Sitting around a campfire and just watching the flames.

    99. That first step on freshly fallen snow.