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    28 Phone Apps That Need To Exist Right Now

    "An app that deletes your number from other people’s phones!"

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us an idea for a phone app they wish existed. Here are the results:

    1. "There should be an app where you enter the book you are reading, and it gives you a playlist to match the plot, so your books have perfectly executed soundtracks, just like movies."

    Submitted by claireb42797b556

    2. "An app that when you type in a phrase or saying, Morgan Freeman will say it in narration form. This shall also work with other voices like, James Earl Jones, Sandra Bullock from The Blindside, and Tom Hanks from Forrest Gump."

    Submitted by Kxxksrxsie

    3. "An app where you put in what you like to do and it gives you a list of things to do when you’re bored."

    Submitted by danixxx

    4. "There should be an app where you can take a picture of what someone is wearing, then it will find where it’s from and you can order it in a click!"

    Submitted by ashleyschwartzf

    5. "An app that lets you send and receive positive messages with strangers when you feel disconnected."

    Submitted by Emily Waterpony, Facebook

    6. "An app that gives you directions to a certain store inside the mall."

    Submitted by Cee Jay, Facebook

    7. "An app that enables you to share your charge from and with any other Apple device."

    Submitted by ImTimmy

    8. "An app that lets you insert your shopping list and tells you if that product is available at your local store."

    Submitted by Alexandria Anderson, Facebook

    9. "An app that lets you share gross body stuff that some people enjoy with others who don't get grossed out. Like how you sometimes have a crazy poo but you can't tell anyone because of polite society."

    Submitted by Emily Waterpony, Facebook

    10. "An app that allows you to remove all the unwanted apps Apple forces on you."

    Submitted by detroitwaves

    11. "An app that creates Instagram captions."

    Submitted by Nannette Babbington, Facebook

    12. "An app that announces the speed limit while driving so you don't get a ticket."

    Submitted by Lisa Vakey Parker, Facebook

    13. "An app that helps you with math homework. You take a picture of the math problem and it shows you how to do it step by step."

    Submitted by AnimeGNR1996

    14. "An app to use at a restaurant. You pick a few good choices from the menu and it shuffles them and gives you an answer on what to order."

    Submitted by emmat483bed206

    15. "A voice-activated app that makes a loud noise when you say a code word, so you can find your phone without having to find another phone to call it."

    Submitted by pinkrobin

    16. "An app that lets you read any book, then lets other people who read it chat with you, so you can all cry together about the emotional trauma."

    Submitted by palakparikh

    17. "An app that would buzz every time I unintentionally said something potentially offensive/rude so I would know to apologize immediately."

    Submitted by aeloftin

    18. "An app that would tell you which/when celebrities are near you."

    Submitted by MeredithBroadwayDreams

    19. "Shazam for perfumes."

    Submitted by brianchanc

    20. "An app sort of like the computer program Cher uses in the beginning of Clueless where you could look at different outfit combinations."

    Submitted by melissam4334ccceb

    21. "An app that lets you know if you’ve been blocked by a person, or if they’re ignoring your texts and calls."

    Submitted by madisonc4d30bb50b

    22. "An app that tells you how long the line is at your favorite restaurant so you can decide whether or not you should bother going."

    Submitted by nikiya

    23. "A B.S. or lie detector that beeps whenever someone is lying or spewing B.S."

    Submitted by syds496bccb0b

    24. "There should be a healthcare app like Baymax from Big Hero 6. It would scan you, like if you have a headache or whatever, and then advise you on what to do!"

    Submitted by priscillaw41d892c96

    25. "There should be an app that will fake text and Snapchat you, so you can look like you have friends in social situations."

    Submitted by macygilliam

    26. "An app where if you’re watching a movie and can’t remember the name of an actor, you take a picture of them and it recognizes who it is and lists what they’ve been in."

    Submitted by simonandabigail

    27. "There should be an app where you input your conversation and then you input what you’re thinking about saying next and it tells you if it’s stupid or not."

    Submitted by tikisbuzzfeed

    28. "An app that deletes your number from other people’s phones!"

    Submitted by thelizishere

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