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    I'm Giving Eva Mendes A Round Of Applause For Encouraging Her Daughters To Call Her Out

    This is the kind of parenting I like to see in 2021.

    You know Eva Mendes: actor, mother of two, and longtime partner of Ryan Gosling.

    Well, the 46-year-old shared a post on Instagram yesterday from Latinx Parenting. It encouraged parents to "let your kids call you out. It's not disrespect. It's healthy."

    In the caption, the Hitch actor wrote, "I haven’t posted lately because my little one told me I was on the phone too much."

    She continued, "I could tell she was taking it personally. And she’s a kid, of course she’d take it personally. They take things personally unless we go out of our way to make it clear to them it’s not personal."

    Eva concluded with, "So we had a good talk, I apologized and I promised her I’d be mindful. I realized that just because I’m always home with them doesn’t mean I’m always present."

    HELL YES to all of this! Let's normalize listening to your child! And apologizing to them! And actually changing your behavior for the better!

    Now, let's all give Eva a round of applause because this is some excellent parenting right here!

    What do you think about this style of parenting? LMK in the comments below!