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    Scott Evans Scared Chris Evans While He Was Talking To His Dog, And Chris Got Him Back Soo Good

    "You goof."

    By now you probably know that Chris Evans is the best Chris.

    Chris Evans smiling

    He's kind, he's wholesome, and his Instagram content with his dog, Dodger, has been a bright spot in this dark year.

    Well, actor Scott Evans — Chris's brother — recently posted the most ADORABLE video on his Instagram story.

    Chris and Scott smiling together

    Unaware that he was being filmed, Chris can be heard having a cute conversation with Dodger.

    "You goof, you goof," Chris said. "Okay, get inside, go inside."

    Dodger entered the house first and walked away. Once Chris came inside, Scott shouted his name to scare him. And Chris's face was too funny!

    Chris getting scared


    Chris making a scared face


    Chris looking extra scared

    And guess what? Chris just posted a video scaring Scott back!

    Chris and Scott smiling

    Chris screamed Scott's name as he entered the room, and Scott's face was priceless!

    Scott getting scared

    That body language! Chris got him GOOD!

    Scott's face looking scared

    If we've learned anything today, it's that Scott and Chris Evans are the human equivalents of golden retrievers.