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    Asian Americans Are Pointing Out The Stereotypes They're Sooo Tired Of Hearing, And I Can't Believe This Is Still Happening In 2023

    "The number one stereotype that bothered me all my childhood was the 'smart nerd.' As an Indian teenager, I was expected to get into a prestigious college because I'm Asian. Substitute teachers would look at me when the smart board wasn't working. Kids would ask me what I got on the math test. I always had to be smart, or I didn't fit the 'Asian standard'. I think because of this expectation, I was hard on myself and made it my goal to fit that stereotype. It crushed my true identity."

    It's no secret that Asian Americans face ignorant and uninformed stereotypes every day in this country.

    woman saying, we can do better than that

    So, we recently asked Asian people in the BuzzFeed Community which stereotypes they're sick and tired of hearing.

    Here's what they had to say:

    1. "That we're all East Asian. Asian Americans can come from many different backgrounds and colors."

    closeup of Kumail Nanjiani

    2. "As an Asian man, I hate the stereotype that we all have small penises."

    closeup of an asian man

    3. "'Wow, I'm surprised you don't have an accent.'"

    4. "The number one stereotype that used to bother me all my childhood was the 'smart nerd.'"

    asain man sitting at his computer

    5. "That Asians eat dogs."

    asian man saying no

    6. "That all our interracial couples are comprised of an old white perv and an Asian woman looking for a cash machine."

    7. "I’m sick of being told that I'm 'exotic' as if it's a compliment."

    8. "The stereotype about Indians that annoys me the most is that we're always eating curry."

    9. "That all Asians are the same, and we speak the same language."

    asian man saying oh my god

    10. "It's frustrating to see 'Asian representation' in media when it's a thinly veiled Orientalist trope, or the Asian character perpetuates white worship."

    asian woman and white man sitting in bed

    11. "I am so tired of being told that men like submissive Asian women."

    asian woman giving side eye

    12. "I'm tired of a variation of the model minority myth: the idea that things are so much better because we immigrated to the US."

    woman giving side eye saying, excuse me

    13. "That Asian countries are underdeveloped and not as advanced as the US."

    man saying, you're out of touch

    14. "I hate the stereotype that Asian women are bad drivers. I drive a manual car."

    15. "That all we eat is food from the country our family came from."

    16. "That we can't see very well because of our eyes."

    closeup of Lucy Lu looking mad

    17. "That Asian women are super kinky and wild in the bedroom."

    18. And finally, "Constantly being asked 'What language do you speak?' or 'Where are you from?'"

    asian man saying, that's hostile bro

    If you're Asian, which stereotypes are you sick of hearing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.