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Asian People, Which Stereotypes Are You Sick Of Hearing?

Share your experience.

It's no secret that Asian Americans face ignorant and uninformed stereotypes every day in this country.

closeup of an asian man wearing sunglasses

So we wanna know: which stereotypes are you tired of hearing?

closeup of a woman looking annoyed

Maybe you can't stand the "model minority" myth because it lumps so many different groups together and ignores your lived experience. Your parents never had prestigious, white-collar jobs, and it frustrated you that society seemed to think all Asians were doing well while your family struggled.

older asian couple doing paperwork from the couch

Perhaps you hate that Asians are often portrayed as nerds in TV/movies. You were never into academics, and it always bothered you that your teachers and classmates assumed you'd be a total genius.

Asian student holding a book and carrying a backpack

Or maybe you're sooo over the stereotype that Asian women are bad drivers. It's just stupid to make such a big generalization like that.

asian woman driving

Whatever it is, we want to know. Asian Americans, which stereotypes are sick of hearing and why? Share your thoughts in this anonymous form or in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.