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    Here Is Sarah Jessica Parker Cringing At Every Parenting Situation

    Mama no like.

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    In case you missed it, at last night's Rangers game Sarah Jessica Parker was seated behind Tom Hanks and for some reason, gave him the stankiest face on earth.

    Of course, this face isn't just reserved for Rangers games. Every parent has made this face at some point. This is a universal parenting face.



    When another parent announces the arrival of the ice cream truck at the park.


    "Great. My kid hasn't even eaten lunch yet."

    When grandma or grandpa ignores your rules.

    "As long as you're under my roof, mom and dad..."

    When another parent can't stop talking about how "gifted" their kid is.


    Seriously, stop it.

    When another parent openly questions what you feed your kid.


    "Isn't there corn syrup in that?"

    When your partner pretends to still be sleeping and your kid is wide awake and screaming.


    Dead. To. Me.

    When you get stuck as team parent.


    Juice boxes and orange slices 4 lyfe!

    When someone questions why you'd vaccinate your kid.


    "Let's not have this argument at Disneyland."

    When your kid wakes you up at 3:00 a.m. to refill their water glass.


    And then at 4:00 a.m. when he has to pee.

    When no one is owning up to the fart.


    You don't even have a dog.

    When your neighbor's kid shows no sign of leaving at dinner time.


    "Go home, I know you have parents."

    When they announce that tomorrow is a snow day.


    ::kids raucously cheer::

    When your kid mouths off in the supermarket and you're determined to keep your cool.



    When you have to pee and the toddler won't stop hugging you.


    "OK, but it's about to get weird, kid."

    When your kid chooses Frozen to watch for the 932832948572358th time.


    "No, I do not want to build a fucking snowman."

    When your 5-year-old makes you breakfast in bed.


    "This looks...edible?"

    When the thing they're eating turns out to be their boogers.


    And they like it.

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