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    29 Incredible Character Transformations For Your American Girl Doll

    Katniss? Doctor Who? Hermione? We've got you covered.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. There's Anna and Elsa of course...

    2. An officer on the starship Enterprise.

    Available HERE.

    3. Alice, who just gets curiouser and curiouser.

    Find it HERE.

    4. A "mini" Mouseketeer.

    Available HERE.

    5. Dress your doll as Supergirl!

    Snag one HERE.

    6. Or go for an authentic Cinderella look.

    7. You can re-create Ariel's original look...

    Available HERE.

    8. ...or her dry land look from "Kiss the Girl."

    Available HERE.

    9. Dress her up as provincial Belle...

    10. Or channel Sleeping Beauty as Briar Rose.

    From HERE.

    11. There's an 18" version of Snow White's lovely frock.

    Get it HERE.

    12. Dolly Wonder Woman is bound to inspire confidence.

    13. Merida is brave and has fierce taste in gowns.

    See the DIY here.

    14. Modern literature lovers can have their own Katniss Everdeen.

    Dress available HERE.

    15. And future evil villains can DIY these outfits for their minions.

    Learn how HERE.

    16. This elf is gonna need a bigger shelf.

    Karrie Hansen Photography / Via

    Get yours HERE.

    17. Introduce her to a whole new world as Jasmine.

    From HERE.

    18. This meticulous costume will turn any 18" doll into an Evil Queen.

    Get it HERE.

    19. Display a reminder that there's "no place like home."

    From HERE.

    20. Get her ready for Hogwarts #TeamRavenclaw.

    Get it HERE.

    21. Or show your allegiance to Gryffindor.

    22. Your doll can smash the patriarchy in this Mulan frock.

    Find it HERE.

    23. Give kiddos a history lesson with a Shirley Temple doll makeover.

    An Old Hollywood history lesson anyway... (get it HERE.)

    24. Equip her to defend the galaxy.

    Find it HERE.

    25. Or maybe she's the 10th Doctor?

    26. Tiana is ready to rule the bayou.

    Available HERE.

    27. Or slap these cow print chaps on her and call her Jessie.

    Available HERE.

    28. Send her off to Grandmother's house.

    Get it HERE.

    29. Or go totally retro with Paul McCartney's iconic Sgt. Pepper look.

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