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Rachel McAdams Says Her "Mean Girls" Character Regina George Haunts Her Every Day

"I like playing villains. They get away with so much."

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Rachel McAdams has made some pretty amazing movies, including The Notebook, Spotlight, Red Eye, and more.

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But the film she probably gets associated with most, would have to be my personal favorite: Mean Girls (2004), where she portrayed Regina George, the bad girl everyone loves to hate.

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Because not only was it filled with hilarious one-liners that could still be used today, but it also exposed audiences to those hard hitting questions we've always wanted to know the answer to, but were too scared to ask:

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And in a new interview with the New York Times, the 39-year-old actress explained just how much the film has impacted her life and career.

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"Does Regina George haunt me every day? She does have that quality. [laughs]"

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"No, I have to thank Regina George for giving me some longevity. I’m forever grateful to Tina Fey and Mark Waters."

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"I remember when I read it, I called my agent right away and said, 'I will play any part in this, please, please, please.' I was at the beginning of my career, and it was a lofty thing out there, that I really, really, really wanted to do."

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"I’m always looking for larger-than-life characters, which is probably why I like playing villains. They get away with so much."

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And we will stan your villainous roles forever, Rachel McAdams! To read her full interview with the New York Times, click here.

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