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Nick Cannon Reveals Mariah Carey's Biggest Diva Moment Of All Time

Because it's Mariah's world and we're just living in it.

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Besides hitting those insanely high notes, Mariah Carey is known for two things: being a diva and throwing shade.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

I mean, who could forget her iconic MTV Cribs episode?

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Well, on Thursday, her ex-husband Nick Cannon stopped by the Wendy Williams Show to reveal her biggest diva moment of all time.

And no, it wasn't during her cringeworthy New Year's Eve performance:

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Nick told Wendy her shining moment as a diva came when she was giving birth to their twins Moroccan and Monroe.

When asked what's the most diva-thing he's seen Mariah do, Nick replied, "Have twins."

Wendy Williams / Via

Wendy and the audience couldn't stop laughing! But things got even funnier when he explained his role in the birthing process.

"When they was born, she made me play her music as they was coming out," he continued. "It was a ‘Fantasy.’ They was dancing … to ‘Fantasy.’”

Wendy Williams

It might sound crazy to some, but honestly, who wouldn't want to enter the world listening to that feel-good song?

BMG Music Entertainment / Via

Watch it all go down here:

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