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    Hulu Canceled "High Fidelity" Before Giving Fans Cherise Episodes, And I'm Ready To Throw Hands

    Hulu let a good one go.

    Earlier this month, Hulu announced they would not be renewing High Fidelity, starring Zoë Kravitz, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, David H. Holmes, Jake Lacey, Thomas Doherty, and more.

    Due to the rave reviews about the show, the cancellation was very unexpected. When Zöe broke the news on Instagram, she couldn't help but throw a little shade Hulu's way.

    But one thing that seemed to upset a lot of fans, including myself, was the fact that the show ended without giving Da'Vine's character, Cherise, her own episode.

    And damn it, I want my “Cherise” episode!!! #HighFidelity @hulu

    As you may know, the majority of High Fidelity focused on Zöe's character, Rob, and her "top five heartbreaks," while one episode was dedicated to her ex-boyfriend/close friend Simon, played by David H. Holmes, and his "top five heartbreaks."

    And for some strange reason, Cherise, the woman who stole every single scene she was in, did not get the opportunity to explore her past loves.


    Well, it turns out, Season 2 would have featured A LOT more of Cherise. Kingsley Ben-Adir, who played Rob's biggest heartbreak Mack, confirmed in a recent Los Angeles Times interview that all of Season 2 was set to focus on Cherise.

    Kingsley Ben-Adir wearing a suit and button-up shirt at a Hollywood event
    Valerie Macon / Getty Images

    "Annoyingly, Season 2 was really gonna be a Cherise-focused season. She was gonna become the lead of the show."

    Da'Vine Joy Randolph poses in a latex dress at a Hollywood event
    Amy Sussman / Getty Images

    "The story was leaning toward being about where she’d come from, her heartbreaks and her family background.”

    A "High Fidelity" still of Zöe Kravitz and Da'Vine Joy Randolph sitting on a bench
    Hulu / Courtesy Everett Collection

    Throughout the series, it was clear that Cherise's love for music was undeniable. She took her passion one step further by attempting to start a band of her own and saving up to buy her dream guitar (which Rob later gifted her). We hoped Season 2 would show us what resulted from that.

    A "High Fidelity" still of Da'Vine Joy Randolph singing while strumming her guitar
    High Fidelity / Hulu

    Kingsley also revealed that Zöe and the show's creative team were brainstorming ways to grow the series beyond the book and movie it was based on.

    A "High Fidelity" still of Da'Vine Joy Randolph and David H. Holmes laughing in a bar booth, while Zöe Kravitz stares at them
    Hulu / Courtesy Everett Collection

    The one idea they were really looking to pursue involved highlighting Cherise for a full season, just like they did with Rob.

    A "High Fidelity" still of Da'Vine Joy Randolph wearing a pattern dress while smiling
    High Fidelity / Hulu

    After learning about this, my attachment issues to the show grew stronger. High Fidelity showcased a talented cast with organic chemistry, a Black love story that isn't plagued by negative stereotypes, a compelling storyline, enviable fashion, an incredible soundtrack, and so much more.

    A "High Fidelity" still of David H. Holmes, Zöe Kravitz, and Da'Vine Joy Randolph standing in the crowd of a concert
    High Fidelity / Hulu

    Hulu really fumbled the bag when they canceled High Fidelity. So while they hold that L, I'll be begging other streaming services and networks to pick the series up.

    And to read more about what Season 2 might've looked like, be sure to check out the full Los Angeles Times interview.