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Amber Rose Clapped Back At Piers Morgan For Viral Nude Photo Criticism

Well, that escalated quickly.

On Friday, Amber Rose posted a semi-nude photo of herself to her social media accounts all in the name of feminism.


Twitter: @DaRealAmberRose

Amber used the photo to help promote her third annual Slut Walk, taking place October 1.

There seemed to be more attention surrounding her pubic hair than the actual photo itself. It was met with mixed reviews:

While some people applauded her fearlessness:

Twitter: @gabifresh

And admired her for showing off the natural state of a woman's vagina:

@DLushMe @DaRealAmberRose If the female body makes you that uncomfortable, why don't you just keep on scrolling

Twitter: @DiddlyDonger

There were others who didn't understand her message or agree with the photo, one of those people being Piers Morgan.

The two have never really seen eye-to-eye, so when Piers disagreed with her definition and views on feminism, things got ugly fast:

This is not feminism. It's attentionseekingism. @DaRealAmberRose

Twitter: @piersmorgan

Piers told her to:

Put it away, luv. Thanks.

Twitter: @piersmorgan

So, Amber called him a misogynistic asshole:


Twitter: @DaRealAmberRose

But clearly Piers had a different understanding of the word "misogyny."

It's not 'misogyny' to think that posting nude photos in the supposed name of feminist empowerment is pathetic atte…

Twitter: @piersmorgan

Then their definitions of "nude" got crossed:

Nude? Where? My breast nor my vagina was showing and my legs were closed 🤔

Twitter: @DaRealAmberRose

I am assuming you are referring to the pubic hair that was shown in the picture. Uncomfortable? Get over it.

Twitter: @DaRealAmberRose

But Piers assured her it wasn't her naked body he had a problem with:

I can handle your naked body, Amber - relax. I just can't handle your ridiculous claim to be stripping off in the…

Twitter: @piersmorgan

Amber began to wonder if maybe this was another double standard issue:

Hey @piersmorgan still attention seeking or Nah?

Twitter: @DaRealAmberRose

But Piers quickly addressed the symbolism of Adam Levine's nakedness:

No, that was @adamlevine raising awareness for a UK prostate & testicular cancer charity.

Twitter: @piersmorgan

Amber couldn't help but shake her head. She said her photo was also brining awareness, just for a different cause:

Smh I raise awareness for my foundation as well Piers. That's like saying breast cancer awareness is cool but what…

Twitter: @DaRealAmberRose

She was so confused by his logic, she had to laugh:

Lol @piersmorgan my "naked" body offended you for my nonprofit SLUTWALK but a woman grabbing Adam Levine's dick and balls was cool?😆

Twitter: @DaRealAmberRose

And for more laughs, Piers decided to poke some fun at himself:

I am re-posting this in the name of male empowerment. 💪💪 cc @DaRealAmberRose

Twitter: @piersmorgan

But Amber poked right back:

So you got naked for a Burger King check and ur giving me a hard time? Foh 😂😆😩

Twitter: @DaRealAmberRose

Then they began to get other celebrities involved to prove their points. Piers thought Amber should follow P!nk's way of thinking:

Here's what @Pink said about women who use nudity to 'promote feminism'. I suggest you read this, @DaRealAmberRose.

Twitter: @piersmorgan

But then Amber came with the receipts and wondered if he was talking about this same P!nk:

@piersmorgan @Pink Here's Pink looking very confident, happy, free and gorgeous tf are you really talking about?

Twitter: @DaRealAmberRose

More shade was thrown:

And then things got weird:

And there was even a witty pun thrown in the mix:

Then it got a little kinky:

And then back to really weird, again:

Finally, Amber suggested the two talk face-to-face and Piers totally agreed:

And even though they didn't reach an agreement on nude feminism, they ended the conversation peacefully: