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    Adam Brody Reading Thirst Tweets In 2019 Is The Sexual Awakening This New Generation Deserves

    "I hope you're as uncomfortable as I am."

    Whether you were obsessing over his awkward lovability as Seth Cohen on The O.C....


    ...or gushing over how handsome he looked in his costume in Shazam, there's no denying Adam Brody just keeps getting better with age.

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    You know what they say, once a heartthrob, always a heartthrob. So, to celebrate the release of his new movie, Ready or Not, Adam stopped by for a fun round of Thirst Tweets. The more he read, the juicier things got!

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    Adam Brody is the most perfect human ever. I love him so much. I wish I could rub his nipples &lick cheese off his butt.

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    i want to hump lips with adam brody

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    My crush on Adam Brody is still as intense as it was when I was 15. Please kiss me so hard.

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    But we don't want to give too much away! To quench your thrist, watch the full video of Adam Brody reading Thirst Tweets below.

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    And find out why this was his response by the time we were done.

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    If you're still yearning for more Adam Brody, be sure to catch him in the new black comedy thriller, Ready or Not, in theaters Aug. 21.

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