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    8 Times Early 2000s Reality TV Competitions Embarrassed Women For Content And Ratings

    "I thought I was going to burst into tears. I saw a lady in the audience laughing."

    The early 2000s were like the Wild West when it came to reality shows. There seemed to be an attitude of “anything goes,” and oohhh boy, everything went.

    Women were, by far, the most likely to be exploited in these types of shows.

    And when it came to reality competition shows, women were often degraded, exploited, and publicly humiliated in order to get people watching.

    And whether the women involved in these shows were okay with it or not, it still happened, and we still all watched.

    So here are eight extremely misogynistic times that reality competition TV shows embarrassed women during a challenge:

    1. Scream Queens (2008)

    The challenge: Acting coach — and guy who forgot to take off his sunglasses — John Homa tells the women to eat a piece of fruit "seductively."

    John presents a selection of fruit and tells the women to pick one and eat it seductively

    You can watch the clip here:

    View this video on YouTube VH1 / Via Joana Reves

    2. Beauty and the Geek (2005)

    The challenge: In front of an audience, the “beauties” have to answer fifth-grade-level questions.

    After getting a question wrong, a woman says she was on the verge of tears and that she saw someone in the audience laughing at her

    You can watch it here:

    View this video on YouTube WB / Via Beauty and the Geek

    3. Rock of Love (2007)

    The challenge: Bret makes the women have phone sex with him while his penis is hooked up to a machine that measures blood flow.

    Bret saying that he's on the road a lot, so in order for a relationship to work, his partner needs to be good at phone sex

    Oh, and they have to do it in front of everyone.

    The phone calls happening in front of the other women

    You can watch the scene here:

    View this video on YouTube VH1 / Via All Reality

    4. America's Next Top Model: Cycle 4 (2005)

    The challenge: During a "mock special assignment," Tyra makes the girls read from a teleprompter.

    A woman saying "I don't know that word" while the judges laugh at her

    One contestant, Tiffany, struggles to do the challenge out of embarrassment.

    Tiffany saying she can't do this, while Tyra says the other girls did it and messed up the words, so just have fun with it

    After Tyra tells her she'll be sent home if she doesn't do the challenge, Tiffany reluctantly reads from the teleprompter. As she leaves, she mutters how embarrassed she is.

    Tiffany saying "This is humiliating, more and more each week"

    You can watch the challenge here:

    View this video on YouTube UPN / Via Next Top Model

    5. A Shot at Love II with Tila Tequila (2008)

    The challenge: After the women beat the men in the first round of a challenge by drinking more shots of vinegar, fish sauce, clam juice, and other condiments than them, the women each have to eat a pig’s vagina without throwing up.

    Tila Tequila saying she was disappointed because half of the women gave up when they heard about the challenge

    The men, even though they lost, don't have to eat a pig's vagina. They watch from the sidelines as the women struggle to keep everything down.

    The men laughing and pointing as they watch the women

    6. Flavor of Love (2006)

    The challenge: After finding out that one of his contestants had been on another reality show before his, Flav recruits his former ex, Brigitte Nielsen, to give the women a lie detector test.

    Brigitte asking "Are your boobs real?"

    One contestant, Smiley, who was clearly bothered by the whole thing, tries to defend herself.

    Brigitte asks if Smiley has been a stripper, she answers it's more complicated than yes or no, and Brigitte says "If you're an honest person, you should not have a problem"

    Post-interview, Smiley tears up at what she just had to do.

    Smiley saying she can't just say yes or no without explaining herself and that the interview sucked

    You can watch the scene here:

    View this video on YouTube VH1 / Via All Real

    7. Bridalplasty (2010)

    The challenge: After the contestants' fiancés come to visit, the couples have to take a lie detector test.

    A woman is asked if she's had reservations about getting married to her fiancé, she says no, and the polygraph operator gives a thumbs down to indicate a lie

    The questions are cruel and clearly just fuel to create unnecessary drama.

    A man is asked if his fiancé could work harder at losing weight, and he says yes

    You can watch the scene here:

    View this video on YouTube NBCUniversal / Via lilatornelli

    8. The Swan (2004)

    The challenge: After an intense three months, the contestants have to perform "the walk of their lives," which includes walking a stage in evening gowns, bathing suits, and lingerie.

    The contestants walk the stage in front of a huge audience and five judges, who rate them.

    What are some other moments from early 2000s reality shows that you can't believe they aired?