24 Celebs Who Acknowledged Memes About Them In The Best Possible Way

    Never forget when Taylor Swift wore a "no its becky" shirt.

    1. When Ryan Gosling ate a spoonful of cereal in a tribute to the late Ryan McHenry, creator of the "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal" meme:

    2. When Orlando Bloom sang along to "Taking the Hobbits to Isengard":

    Orlando Bloom singing "they're taking the hobbits to Isengard!"

    3. When James Van Der Beek re-created Dawson's iconic crying face from Dawson's Creek for a Funny or Die video:

    James making his Dawson crying face, labeled "10 year anniversary crying edition"

    4. When Cardi B reposted this meme of her as a kid on Instagram:

    5. When Chrissy Teigen paid tribute to her iconic cringe face by posting a photo of her daughter Luna making the same expression:

    6. And when she replied to the meme of her face (after she realized the camera had panned to her and ducked) at the 2018 Emmys with "this is a setup."

    this is a setup https://t.co/4lmW4i85uG

    @chrissyteigen / Twitter

    7. When Kim Kardashian created kimojis and merch out of her iconic crying face:

    Kim crying

    8. When Demi Lovato tweeted this gif of Poot:

    @ddlovato / Twitter

    9. When Taylor Swift wore this "no its becky" shirt:


    @taylorspurr / Twitter

    10. When Courteney Cox mocked her Scream 3 haircut with us:

    11. When Paul Rudd re-created his "look at us" meme from Hot Ones in an ad encouraging people to wear masks:

    Paul in a mask saying "look at us, hey, look at us" and man replying "who would've thought wearing masks would be a problem" and Paul looking into the camera and saying "not me"

    12. When Chuck Norris capitalized on becoming the ultimate meme and created The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book:

    Chuck Norris

    13. When Debby Ryan poked fun at the memes about her "shy" face from DCOM Radio Rebel with this tweet:

    I was serious about my craft from a young age and studied technique alongside Roxanne from A Goofy Movie

    @debbyryan / Twitter

    14. And then re-created the face on TikTok:

    15. When Kate Beckinsale commented on the meme of her and Pete Davidson kissing next to Queer Eye's Antoni clarifying why she wasn't into Antoni:

    16. When John Cena made this joke about iPhone's face ID because of his viral "You Can't See Me" meme:

    Sooo #iPhoneX about #FaceID ...ummmmm .... what do I do?

    Twitter: @JohnCena

    17. When Nick Young used his own meme to demonstrate a point on Twitter:

    I never understood when coaches and broadcasters would say im a bad shot maker ... what do that even mean ! ..... how is it a bad shot, if you make them

    @NickySwagyPYoung / Twitter

    18. When Real Housewives cast member Taylor Armstrong ran into someone dressed as Smudge the Cat on Halloween and took a photo with them re-creating their meme.

    I ran into ⁦@SmudgeLord⁩ last night - so funny!


    Also, when she called out people calling her just "woman," as in "woman yelling at cat meme."

    19. When Justin Timberlake posted a clip from "It's Gonna Be Me" on April 31:

    20. When Kevin Hart and The Rock teamed up to mock Dwayne's iconic, oft-memed '80s outfit:

    21. When Bernie Sanders saw all those memes about him in his mittens and decided to sell merch to raise money for charity:

    Bernie sitting with mittens at Inauguration

    22. When Nene Leakes replied to the rumors of her being fired from Real Housewives with the meme of her laughing:

    23. When Tiffany Pollard re-created her iconic "sitting on a bed with sunglasses" meme on Instagram:

    24. And finally, when Keke Palmer replied to the "baby this is Keke Palmer" meme.

    @KekePalmer / Twitter

    The meme queen.